Desi Arnaz Jr. Is lucky sufficient to contact Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz "mom" and also "dad" — however even despite he to be born into a renowned family, life has not constantly been simple for him. Together fans know, Arnaz Jr."s parents rose to fame during their wildly renowned show, I Love Lucy. The pair fittingly play spouses (Lucy and also Ricky Ricardo), through Lucy consistently scheming behind Ricky"s back as all hilarity ensued. Several of the many memorable moment in television history played the end on the show, consisting of the coco factory episode, wherein Lucy frantically shoves chocolate anywhere the it would certainly fit. Over there was an additional highly-rated illustration in which john Wayne"s footprints gain stolen. And, of course, who can forget the vitameatavegamin (say that 3 times fast) episode?

According to History, I Love Lucy originally aired between 1951-1957 and won one impressive 5 Emmys throughout its tenure. Luckily, fans have the right to watch the show"s reruns on various networks, enabling Ball and also Arnaz"s timeless feeling to live top top forever. Top top the personal side the things, Arnaz and Ball to be married because that 20 years, and also welcomed two children together, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr, per Biography, before calling it quits in 1960. The pair had countless ups and also downs in their an individual and experienced lives, and also it"s safe to say the their divorce broke hearts throughout the country.

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But also though the famed family had more wealth and also fame than most might imagine, child Desi Arnaz Jr. Struggled through countless things. Store scrolling to find out more.

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Acting was fairly literally in Desi Arnaz Jr."s blood, and he followed in the footsteps that his parental by make a job of the craft. According to his IMDb page, the gibbs starred in his first role when he to be just 4 years old, fittingly play an uncredited role as a spectator on his parents" show, I Love Lucy. A couple of years later, that starred in The Lucy Show from 1962-1965. In 1970, he appeared in one episode of The Brady Bunch, and he also played a small role in a few episodes the The Love Boat. In all, Arnaz Jr. Has actually 38 exhilaration credits to his name, and also he"s likewise stood behind the camera as a producer 2 times. 

Arnaz Jr. Was additionally lucky and also successful in love. According to Legacy, the gibbs married Amy Arnaz in 1987, and also they lived with each other in Boulder City, Nevada, for many of their lives. The pair had one daughter, Haley Arnaz. When Arnaz Jr. And also Amy took pleasure in a lengthy marriage, it sadly ended in January 2015 as soon as Amy died. Glen Charlow reports the she to be diagnosed through a brain tumor 2 years prior. Amy was just 63 years old at the moment of her death, which developed a mere four days ~ Arnaz Jr."s 62nd birthday.

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Desi Arnaz Jr."s battles with addiction nearly consumed his life. Follow to Coyne Steven Sanders and Tom Gilbert"s book, Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (via Cheat Sheet), the actor felt pressure to live approximately his famed parents, and also the consistent battle caused him to abuse drugs and alcohol. He provided that one of the first times that he feel a feeling of jealousy was as soon as he was just three year old and went to visit his parents on collection of I Love Lucy

Explaining the he to be confused due to the fact that he wasn"t the one who was playing their son, Arnaz Jr. Said, "I had this identification problem, and it wasn"t helped by human being calling me small Ricky, a name ns learned come despise." that added, "I psychic wanting quite desperately come be better at something – noþeles – than the boy that played small Ricky. For a while, it appeared as if every little thing in my life was associated to small Ricky"s."

Arnaz Jr. Began abusing drugs as soon as he to be a teenager, and he told Psychology Today the he would offer doctors money and also get prescription drugs in exchange. The people approximately him, consisting of his mother, Lucille Ball, urged that to look for help. However, the real wake-up call for Arnaz Jr. Come at the age of 25, once doctors confirmed him scans of what drugs had actually done come his brain, and also told him it looked like that of a 60-year-old. The course, seeks is a continuous battle, but it helped greatly when Arnaz Jr. Uncovered self-discovery.

If you or who you know is struggling with substance abuse and mental health, please call SAMHSA"s 24-hour nationwide Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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Desi Arnaz Jr. To be married once before longtime love Amy Arnaz. The actor and Matlock star Linda Purl enjoyed a short-winded union indigenous 1980-1981 (via Fabiosa). Follow to Sitcoms Online, Arnaz Jr. Wrote an post for Women"s Day in 1991 titled, "My mother Lucille Ball," where he mutual that the I Love Lucy star gave him and also Purl she blessing before they tied the knot. However, he detailed that his stubbornness and also struggle with drug addiction at some point led to divorce. 

"For one thing, i was for this reason stubbornly sure I had all the answers. For another, medicine were acquisition over mine life. At 18 i had currently experimented v LSD, mescaline, cocaine, Quaaludes, and marijuana," Arnaz Jr. Wrote. "By 23 ns was out of control. Ns couldn"t keep a relationship with anyone."

Arnaz Jr. Likewise shared that he had reached his breaking suggest at a hotel in las Vegas one year after ~ his divorce. "I feeling miserable — my marriage had recently ended-and I"d gone on a three-day drug binge to try to lull the loneliness. Yet it didn"t work," the confessed. "At 29 ns was dice physically and also spiritually." The one glowing spot to come the end of the split? Arnaz Jr. And also Purl were supposedly on great terms after calling it quits and also were may be to remain friends.

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It"s no mystery that Desi Arnaz Jr. Had a rough upbringing, v plenty of things going wrong throughout his teenage years. The star had a solid interest in girls at a young age, and also when the was only 15 years old, he ended up being a father. Follow to the Orlando Sentinel, Arnaz Jr. Got associated with design Susan Howe, and the pair had one child, Julia Howe. Though Arnaz Jr. Often denied this, Do you Remember? reports the a paternity test in the at an early stage "90s confirmed that he was in reality Julia"s father.

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Interestingly enough, Julia required to a sitcom blog (via Do girlfriend Remember?) to spill several of the details that her and also Arnaz Jr."s strained relationship. "Hi. My name is Julia Arnaz aka Julia Howe. Ns legally changed my surname after my DNA to be done w/my father, Desi, Jr., in 1990: 99.93 percent i am certainly an Arnaz," she wrote. "My father has stepped approximately the plate, and also we room working top top a solid and healthy relationship now for 16 years." 

Julia went on to disclose that Arnaz Jr. Helped put her through rehab many times, and likewise paid for her daughter"s university education. Sadly, Julia"s daughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, died at the age of 31 because of breast cancer complications. Despite her mother"s strained partnership with she grandfather, Arnaz Jr., Desiree had actually nothing but good things to create (via Instagram) around Lucille Ball, that would have actually been she great-grandmother — and who she sadly never ever met.