Davy Jones, Manchester-born lead singer with 60s tape The Monkees, has died aged 66, his publicist has glossesweb.comnfirmed.

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He passed away in his sleep in ~ his residence in Florida. His publicist, Deborah Robicheau, said he had actually had a massive heart attack.

Brought together for a united state TV series in 1966, Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork hits glossesweb.comntained Daydream Believer and I'm a Believer.

The Monkees' TV show was well-known in both the US and also the UK, and the band had four number one albums in a 13-month period.

They were famed for your clean-cut image and also were marketed as the American answer glossesweb.comme The Beatles, notching up nine peak 40 hits.

Three the the band's original members - Jones, Dolenz and also Tork - rejoined last year glossesweb.comme play a glossesweb.comllection of gigs.

He likewise had a role in the television series Z Cars, but when his mother died of emphysema, the left showbusiness glossesweb.comme train as a jockey.


Basil Foster, the jockey who acted together his mentor, i found it Jones's ability as a performer and englossesweb.comuraged him to go after his acting career.

He went back to acting through a duty in a West end production of Oliver! after ~ it moved to Broadway, he glossesweb.comllected a career as an actor and singer prior to auditioning for The Monkees.

Music reporter Paul Gambaccini defined Jones as having "phenomenal" charisma and said the in 2008, he to be voted the peak teen idol of all time by Yahoo! Music.

"The pop civilization at the time love The Beatles and also that north-western English sound was something that America wanted, when they put together the so-called Pre-Fab Four," the said, referring to the nickname offered to The Monkees.

Gambaccini claimed The Monkees had actually been put together by the music industry, something which to be unheard the at that time.

"There had been individual teenager idols who had been literally picked up turn off the street and groomed to it is in popstar, but there had never to be a band the was put together, and also they to be assembled since the 2 producers had liked A tough Day's Night, the Beatles' movie."

Radio presenter Dave Lee Travis said: "One the the things that civilization will more than likely be thinking about Davy Jones is, the truth that he was 66. He always looked prefer a small kid. Ns think also in his latter years that looked very, an extremely young."

He said around Jones and also The Monkees: "It was simply some guys having actually fun. Not in the sort of forced, made way, although glossesweb.comuntless would say they to be the very first manufactured band.

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"I think there's miscellaneous infectious about guys looking choose that and having fun: The tunes, you can't argue v them."

A previous apprentice jockey in Newmarket, Jones remained a keen horseman all his life, to win his very first race in England together a jockey in 1996. He additionally trained horses.