David Cassidy to be a singer and also actor ideal known because that his starring duty in the 1970s music television series "The Partridge Family."

Who was David Cassidy?

Born in new York City in 1950, David Cassidy rose to fame as the heartthrob the the 1970s musical TV collection The Partridge Family. In addition to being popular on television, the fictional family members scored radio hits v songs such together "I Think i Love You." after ~ the show's conclusion, Cassidy continued to do in concerts and with theater productions, and in later years he opened up up about his battles with substance abuse.

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Early Life

David Bruce Cassidy was born top top April 12, 1950, in brand-new York City. Child of actor and singer Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward, Cassidy constructed his very own career together an entertainer, many notably as one of the stars that the musical tv series The Partridge Family in the 1970s. Growing up, he was surrounded by display business. His parents divorced when he to be a child, and his father married actress and also singer Shirley Jones in 1956.

'The Partridge Family'

Jones and Cassidy went on to play mother and son on The Partridge Family, i m sorry debuted in the fall of 1970. Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey to be also crucial members the the cast. In addition to being well-known on television, the fictional household scored numerous radio hits, such as "I Think ns Love You," which featured Cassidy on command vocals. He play the family members group's young heartthrob in the series, and became one of the decade's greatest teen idols in genuine life, together well. Releasing several hit albums, Cassidy had actually a effective career as a solo artist for number of years.

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By the mid-1970s, however, Cassidy's teenager fan base had actually moved on. He landed his own television drama, David Cassidy - male Undercover, in 1978, but it only lasted for one season. After ~ the series ended, Cassidy uncovered work in theater, performing in regional and touring productions. That then had a effective run in ras Vegas, beginning with the show EFX in 1996. V his 1999 vegas production, The Rat pack Is Back!, Cassidy offered as co-writer and co-producer. The adhering to year, he starred in At the Copa, which he composed through his 3rd wife, Sue Shifrin-Cassidy.

Later Career

Cassidy mutual his life experiences through readers in his 2007 autoglossesweb.com, Could It it is in Forever? mine Story. He continued to tour, performing live because that audiences in the unified States and also abroad. The also returned to television in the comedy collection entitled Ruby and also the Rockits, developed and produced by his brothers Shaun and co-starring his brother Patrick, in 2009. In 2013, that made a guest appearance on CSI: Crime scene Investigation