The ideal info accessible suggests the he was 45 once he died.

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To identify this, we should use a few sources. Note that few of these are no longer considered totally canon.

Based on various cast interviews, we know that Anakin was aged 9 in episode I (and the this movie takes location in 32 BBY).

That means Vader/Anakin died .7 of a standard Galactic Year (approx 8 months) before his 46th birthday. Also taking into account that a galactic conventional year is longer than an planet year (368 days versus 365), there"s not sufficient of a various to be essential to our calculations.

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i would have thought might the Fourth. :)
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Lets carry out The Math

So we understand that he was age 9 during The Phantom Menace.

And we know from the conversation v Anakin and Obi-Wan in the turbolift in ~ the start of Attack of the Clones the it takes ar 10 years later

Obi-Wan: Calm under Anakin.

Anakin: i m really sorry master, I"m simply nervous i haven"t checked out her in ten years.

That puts him at 19 once the Clone wars start.

Another 3 years pass in in between Episode II and also III placing him at 22.

After that we understand that Luke to be 19 in A brand-new Hope putting Vader at 41.

Another 3 years pass putting Luke in ~ 22 and Vader in ~ 44.

After that just one more year passes until Epidode Six putting Luke in ~ 23 and Vader in ~ 45 years once he died.

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Anakin Skywalker to be born in ~ 41 BBY and dies in ~ 4 ABY, the same year Yoda dies and also it transforms out Anakin/Vader die at around 44 or 45 year old.

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In the Star battles sourcebook published in 1987 Obi Wan is 60+ years of age and also Vader is claimed to be a couple of years younger. But after they had the prequels the end Lucas has actually been thoroughly in adjusting this info.

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answered Oct 21 "17 at 3:04

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