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Cory Monteith was discovered dead in a Vancouver, british Columbia, hotel room top top Saturday, July 13. The actor, that played heartthrob Finn Hudson top top "Glee," was 31 years old. His death was ruled an accident, the coroner"s office announced Wednesday, October 2. The findings concluded that Monteith "died of blended drug toxicity, including intravenous heroin use linked with the sloop down of alcohol."

Monteith and also girlfriend/"Glee" co-star Lea Michele to visit the Chrysalis Butterfly ball on June 8 in Los Angeles.



Kevin McHale, from left, chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Monteith and Michele appaer in the "Sweet Dreams" illustration of "Glee."

Monteith and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas show up at the Kids" selection Awards on in march 23 in Los Angeles.
Monteith and also Michele attitude on the red carpet in ~ the screen Actors Guild Awards ~ above January 27 in Los Angeles.
Monteith and Emmy Rossum to visit the Critics" an option Movie Awards ~ above January 10 in Santa Monica, California.
Michele and Monteith to visit the carry out Something Awards on respectable 19, 2012, in Santa Monica, California.
Monteith come at The Weinstein Company"s 2012 gold Globe Awards after Party on January 15, 2012, in Beverly Hills, California.
Monteith attends the premiere that "New Year"s Eve" at Grauman"s Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California, on December 5, 2011.
The actors of "Glee" appears at the 300th music performance unique taping ~ above October 26, 2011, in ~ Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.
Lady Gaga, center, accepts the ideal Pop video award from actors Amber Riley, Cory Monteith, woman Lynch and also Chris Colfer at the 2010 MTV video Music Awards.
Monteith, mark Salling and Amber Riley attend the "Carol-Oke" dispute at new York"s Bryant Park ~ above December 3, 2009.
Director claims he talked through Monteith job of his death; he sounded happy

The Glee actor missed his checkout time, staff discovered him dead

Police ascendancy out foul play

Monteith, 31, invested time in rehab this year

Cory Monteith, who played love throb Finn Hudson in the Fox struggle “Glee,” was discovered dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday, police said. He to be 31.

Police stated the reason of death was not automatically apparent, but they ruled out foul play.

Medical inspectors will command an autopsy on Monday.

Monteith’s body was uncovered by staff members at the Fairmont Pacific pickled in salt Hotel after the missed his checkout time, acting Chief Constable Doug LePard said reporters.

Monteith apparently had actually several world over come his room in ~ one allude Friday night, but LePard stated Monteith, who had checked in July 6, was seen on hotel surveillance video clip returning come his room in the early on morning hrs by himself.

Lea Michele quiet on ‘devastating’ news the Monteith’s death

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video clip
Director: Monteith's fatality 'devastating'

Police: No foul play in Monteith death

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video clip

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'Glee' star uncovered dead in hotel room

The glue of ‘Glee

Adam Shankman, who directed an episode for every of the past three seasons, told glossesweb.com’s Poppy Harlow that he had actually talked come Monteith top top Saturday morning. The actor claimed he wanted to come under to California come Jet Ski.

Shankman said Monteith to be the adhesive of “Glee.” that was always welcoming, even if it is it was to a guest manager or a brand-new cast member, Shankman said.

The actor knew all of his lines as soon as filming started each time and would congratulate his fellow actors members when he believed they go well.

“He verified up every day and also he was a delight,” Shankman said.

In his own words

’My heart is broken’

among his castmates top top “Glee,” mark Salling, tweeted a simple “no” ~ police held their news conference.

Celebrities react to Monteith’s death

Dot-Marie Jones, who plays the football coach in ~ the fictional william McKinley High tweeted: “I have no words! My heart is broken. Cory to be not only a hell the a friend, he was one amazing man that i will organize close to my heart forever.

“I to be blessed to have worked with him and love that so much! My heart is through his family and also our whole Glee family! ns love friend all!”

Share your memories that Monteith

Offscreen, Monteith was date co-star Lea Michele.

He was madly in love with her, Shankman said. “He felt favor it had renewed his spirit.”

Reps because that the actress asked Sunday “that everyone kindly respect Lea’s privacy throughout this destructive time.”

Struggles v substance abuse

Monteith spent time in rehab this year, checking right into a drug addiction therapy facility in so late March.

He had actually been frank about his battles with substance abuse, telling Parade magazine in 2011 that he started using drugs at 13, and also by 19 got in rehab after ~ his mother and also friends intervened.

“I had several interactions with him yesterday wherein he stated that he was doing amazing,” Shankman said. “He even said ns am feeling fantastic. I’m choose everybody else, yes, really devastated and also confused by what happened.”

mental Monteith as Finn top top ‘Glee’

Awards because that show

Monteith had actually been on the music comedy show since it started in 2009.

~ above the show, Monteith played the dim quarterback that the soccer team in ~ the Ohio high college who is compelled to join the glee club. After graduation, the comes back to town and helps direct a musical at the school.

In 2011, he winner a Teen choice Award for top actor in a comedy. The show’s cast won a screen Actors Guild Award for an ensemble in a comedy the vault year.

He was in three jobs that are in post-production, according to the net Movie Database.

one of them to be a movie entitled “All The not correct Reasons,” likewise starring Kevin Zegers.

“I’ve never lost a friend this close. This feels favor a mistake,” Zegers wrote.