Austin Russell, much better known as Chumlee, make headlines back in March after he was arrested because that possessing drugs and also guns. Chumlee, who’s to be a well-known star of history Channel’s Pawn Stars due to the fact that it premiered in 2009, was released top top bail a couple days after ~ his arrest. Due to the fact that then, he’s been maintaining a short profile, opting to focus on handling the charges in court, fairly than trying come fight versus the media’s presentation of his charges.

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What is Chumlee Doing currently in 2018 – psychological Updates

His first court hearing was simply a work after his relax on bail, v his court apperance scheduled for may 23rd. His legal team, in addition to Pawn Star co-host rick Harrison seem confident in the capacity of the Nevada justice mechanism to take care of his case appropriately. However, prefer his girlfriend, they have shied away from speak to the media about the case. This is understandable, considering how quickly tabloid attention toward the matter turned increasingly negative.

Their silence, however, way that we don’t really know what the fate the Pawn Stars will be. It appears unlikely that the present will be cancelled, considering how massively effective it has been. However, the is a possibility that Chumlee will certainly not return, regardless of the result of his trial. The criticism directed towards him has actually been intense, and also the present has maintained a family-friendly image, one that his arrest has actually now damaged.

While us wait because that updates top top the case, let’s look in ~ Chumlee’s career so far.

Chumlee prior to Pawn Stars

Austin Lee Russell to be born top top September 5, 1982, and grew up in las Vegas, Nevada. He earned his nickname, Chumlee, once he to be 12 years old, because of his resemblance to Chumly, the walrus indigenous the 60s cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo and also His Tales. As a child, he came to be friends through Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, who father and grandfather ran the people Famous gold & silver- Pawn Shop.

Chumly the Walrus, the resource of Austin Russell’s nickname

World famous Gold & silver- Pawn Shop opened in 1989, and also as children, Chumlee and also Corey invested a lot of time there. Chumlee began working there in 2003, initially just together a salesperson behind the counter, composing sales tickets and also helping make certain potential purchases were functional.

In the late 2000s, Brent Montgomery and also Colby Gaines that Leftfield images were in las Vegas, and noticed the strange and seedy pawn shops the were all over the city. They collection off looking for a family-run keep to base a TV collection around, and eventually were made aware of the Harrison’s pawn shop. Gold & silver- Pawn Shop had been the topic of a documentary top top PBS in 2001, and shortly prior to Chumlee began working there, to be featured ~ above Insomniac through Dave Attell, the Comedy main show.

Montgomery and also Gaines initially pitched the show, they were concentrated on the keep being open up 24/7, allowing people come pawn their possessions at any time. Lock pitched the show to HBO, who passed. Eventually, the format evolved, and the history Channel, who were looking to balance their greatly militaristic programming, take it an interest. Initially, the show was going to be dubbed Pawning History, yet Leftfield said Pawn Stars would certainly be more appealing and easy to remember.

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars premiered on July 19, 2009, and also quickly ended up being one of background Channel’s highest possible rated shows, eventually ending up being the highest rated display on the channel, in enhancement to the 2nd highest rated reality present on TV, ~ Jersey Shore. Filmed on ar at the Harrison’s store, each episode usually involves the purchase of about a half dozen items, focusing heavily on appraising each item. The present didn’t shy far from representing the interpersonal tensions that cropped up between the employees, though.

On Pawn Stars, Chumlee is regularly represented together a comedic foil to the Harrisons, and is commonly made fun of because that his implied absence of intelligence, regularly being described as the town idiot. However, Chumlee has emerged an comprehensive knowledge the pinball machines, sneakers, and video games, helping him argue versus his costars’ accusations the incompetency.

Regardless that his representation on the show, Chumlee quickly became a favorite amongst viewers of the show. Because of the show’s substantial success, Chumlee began his very own merchandise company, which sells new items and also t-shirts the he draft himself. In 2010, the sold half of the firm to the elder Harrison for simply over $150,000. Chumlee is by much the most famous person ~ above the show, v his was selling an ext than the other three stars combined.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell lost a lot of weight, motivated by his dad’s fatality to pancreatic cancer

By the 4th season, Chumlee had changed much of his lifestyle, losing roughly 75 pounds, completely reforming his diet, and also exercising frequently. He take it up the understand of editing and enhancing his high-end cars, of which he owns several, consisting of a Rolls-Royce Phantom and also Maserati GranTurismo. In 2013, he likewise began dating Tanya Hyjazi, a chef for a huge casino in ras Vegas. He drew some criticism later that year as soon as he payment for her to have a breast enlargement. Some tabloids reported it together though the pressured she into acquiring the elective surgery, however when questioned, he stated that she had been to plan on it prior to they started dating, and he merely wanted to do so because he earned a much greater income than her.

2016 Arrest on drug & pistol Charges

On in march 9, 2016, Chumlee’s residence was searched through police, over there on a warrant to inspection allegations that he had sexually struck Hyjazi. Throughout the early stage search, they discovered just under a 4 minutes 1 pound and also one gun, registered come Chumlee. Top top a subsequent search, they uncovered eleven an ext firearms, only three the which were registered to Chumlee, much more cannabis, 17 bars of Xanax, and some methamphetamine. It’s worth noting the Nevada law does not need the registration of firearms. They likewise found evidence that indicated possible cocaine use, though cocaine was not found, making it likely the paraphernalia was pertained to the amphetamines.

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Police took Chumlee into custody, charged v 19 counts that gun and drug possession. Usually, each form of drug, not separate container, results in one charge, leading part to suspect that the charges against him to be exaggerated through the police. His link was set at $62,000, which Chumlee promptly paid, therefore he to be released on march 10th.