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Christopher Lee, the british actor who mastered horror roles prior to his transforms as a James shortcut villain and also the sorcerer’s Saruman in "The mr of the Rings" trilogy, passed away Sunday, June 7, a London borough spokesman said. The actor to be 93.

Lee, pictured in 1948, at first made a name for self in British horror films. His job spanned virtually seven decades.

Lee plays the monster in the 1957 film "The Curse of Frankenstein" with Peter Cushing and also Robert Urquhart.



Lee, second from left, stand by as Queen Elizabeth II greets French actress Catherine Deneuve in 1966. Also present, indigenous left, space Ursula Andress, Woody Allen and also Raquel Welch. Lee was named a items of the British realm in 2009.
In 1974, Lee bring away on the role of Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga in "The man With the gold Gun."
In 2002, Lee plays count Dooku, likewise known together Darth Tyranus, in "Star battles Episode II: attack of the Clones."
Johnny Depp greets Lee at the London premiere the "Alice in Wonderland" in 2010. Lee voiced the Jabberwocky in the Tim Burton film.
manager Tim Burton presents Lee with the Academy Fellowship, a lifetime accomplishment award, in ~ the british Academy movie Awards in 2011.
NEW: "You were an icon, and also a towering human being being," LOTR star Elijah wood tweets of Lee

Lee at first made his surname in fear films, play Count Dracula and Frankenstein"s monster

More recently, he to be Saruman in the "Lord the the Rings" trilogy and also Count Dooku in the "Star Wars" prequels

Christopher Lee, the actor, was regularly the villain.

He played Dracula, the bad guy in the James link thriller “The guy with the gold Gun,” the deliciously evil wizard Saruman in the “Lord of the Ring” films, and the dude who fought Yoda with a lightsaber in “Star Wars: attack of the Clones.”

but Sir Christopher Lee, the man, who passed away this week in ~ the age of 93? not an ounce of rogue to it is in found, fans and fellow actors alike stated Thursday.

“You were an icon, and also a towering human being through stories because that days,” “Lord that the Rings” co-star Elijah timber tweeted Thursday. “We’ll miss you.”

An extraordinary man and life lead, teacher Christopher Lee. You to be an icon, and also a towering person being through stories because that days. We'll miss you.

— Elijah timber (
elijahwood) June 11, 2015

Lee died Sunday, a spokesman because that the imperial Borough the Kensington and Chelsea said.

that had much more than 150 movie credits to his name, start in 1948 and also stretching right into this decade.

Lee originally made his name in fear films. His very first major horror role was as Frankenstein’s creature and then the infamous vampire Dracula in a collection films because that Britain’s Hammer films studios native the 1950s until the 1970s.

that was regularly quoted as saying he had to be talked into playing in some of the Dracula films. He claimed he play the personality silently in one film – 1965’s “House that Horrors” – because the lines to be so bad.

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Horror master, legend villain Christopher Lee dies

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Later, he take it on the duty of James Bond’s nemesis Francisco Scaramanga in 1974’s “The guy with the gold Gun,” and also was introduced to a new generation the film-goers in 2001 with “The lord of the Rings: The Fellowship that the Ring.”

It's terribly once you shed an old friend, and also Christopher Lee was among my oldest. We first met in 1948.

— Sir roger Moore (Legacy) (
sirrogermoore) June 11, 2015

In it, he play the evil wizard Saruman, previous mentor to Gandalf – the good-guy wizard’s role Lee said he when coveted but had grown also old come play.

The following year, he gotten in the “Star Wars” universe as the please Jedi knight, count Dooku, in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Both collection brought him renewed fame and acclaim, however for Lee, 2 roles constantly stood out: His 1973 revolve as mr Summerisle in the cult standard “The Wicker Man,” and also his portrayal that the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, in the 1998 film, “Jinnah.”

“The most vital thing I’ve ever before done,” he said in a 2011 forum in ~ the college College Dublin.

Lee to be knighted in 2009 – fittingly top top the day prior to Halloween – because that his accomplishments in the arts. Two years later, the british Academy of Film and also Television arts awarded Lee its highest honor, the Academy Fellowship.

BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry expressed sore Thursday at the passing of Lee, who she called a “truly talented and versatile actor.”

“His biography, and therefore his legacy, is one that countless in the film industry have the right to only dream of,” Berry said.

In 2011, Lee claimed that he constantly wanted to lug something unexpected to his roles.

“One point to me is very important, if you’re playing somebody that the audience regards as, let’s say evil, shot to carry out something they nothing expect, something the surprises the audience,” he said.

In his last few years, that did just that for numerous fans: that turned to a hefty metal career, releasing the holiday albums “A hefty Metal Christmas” and “A heavy Metal Christmas Too” in 2012 and 2013 – endearing himself to yet an additional group that fans, countless of who reacted come the news of his death with an outpouring of celebration and sadness.

“The great, constantly criminally underrated sir Christopher Lee has left us,” actor mark Gatiss composed on Twitter. “A Titan that Cinema and a huge component of mine youth. Farewell.”

The great, constantly criminally underrated teacher Christopher Lee has actually left us. A Titan of Cinema and a huge part of my youth. Farewell.