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Florida authorities answered one of the significant questions in the shooting fatality of Christina Grimmie, the 22-year-old singer that made her surname on NBC’s “The Voice.”

The man who eliminated her was Kevin James Loibl, 27, the St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Orlando police.

however they didn’t give any type of background ~ above Loibl or sell a possible motive.

* affiliate WFTS photographed a handwritten keep in mind posted on Loibl’s family home. The reads, “Deepest woe for lost (sic) come the family, friends and fans that the very talented, love Christina Grimmie. No various other comments.”

Grimmie to be signing autographs late Friday after a show at The Plaza Live theater once a guy approached and opened fire, police spokeswoman Wanda Miglio said.

She was rushed come a hospital, whereby she died.

’More than my sister’

Loibl fatally shot self after the singer’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him, police claimed in a statement. About 120 human being were in ~ the meet-and-greet, and also the brother’s quick action may have actually saved various other lives, police said.

Marcus Grimmie paid tribute come the singer in a facebook post, speak he has no words.

“Christina was an ext than mine sister. She was a companion in life,” the posted. ” A superstar. A goofball. Introverted. And also a friend to everyone. Genuinely. But above all…she to be my baby sister.”

Hand guns, knife


Orlando Police department
Kevin James Loibl
The shooter had actually two handguns, two added loaded magazines and also a huge hunting knife, police Chief john Mina said.

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Mina stated investigators were going v the masculine computer, phone and also other thing to view whether castle can uncover information around a motive. Yes no evidence Grimmie and also Loibl knew each other, police said.

Police stated the doubt drove come Orlando, supposedly to go the crime, and also “then had actually plans come travel ago to whereby he come from.”

theater suspends shows

it’s unclear exactly how the gunman obtained a gun right into the to meet or whether attendees were checked for weapons.

“We don’t understand if the was simply a crazy pan that followed her top top Twitter or on society media,” Miglio said. “We really don’t know … the undetermined in ~ this point.”

Security steps are in ar at The Plaza Live, police say, but there are no metal detectors and people space not patted down.

“As far as security, The Plaza does have security guards who wear polo shirts. They space unarmed,” Mina said. “They do check bags and also purses as civilization enter.”

The Plaza Live issued a statement expanding condolences to the victims and indicating all activities and occasions have to be suspended “until additional notice.”

“Our thoughts and also prayers space with the households of those lost and those the witnessed and also aided in the recovery after this senseless act,” the declare said.

heartbroken fans

Grimmie post a video hours before her last performance in i beg your pardon she jovially invited fans to see her show.

She was discovered on YouTube, whereby she amassed more than 3 million followers. Grimmie went on to success a clues on Season 6 the NBC’s “The Voice” after her show-stopping power of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” during a remote audition captivated the attention of all 4 contestant judges.

There are no words. We shed a beautiful spirit with an exceptional voice. Our hearts go the end to the friends, fans and also family the

— The Voice (
NBCTheVoice) June 11, 2016

The rising star finished 3rd in the overall contest however went on come share her voice with the world.

Fans, friends and celebrities verified an outpouring of woe on social media making use of #RIPChristinaGrimmie.

one of her friends and also mentors was singer Selena Gomez, that tweeted: “My heart is for sure broken. I miss you Christina.”

My love is for sure broken. I miss out on you Christina

— Selena Gomez (

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selenagomez) June 11, 2016

“As did you do it seen everywhere social media, anyone who ever before came throughout her or knew her, knows the she was just a truly great person, someone you love to be around, somebody that cared around the people about her and the world approximately her, it’s simply a substantial tragedy, “The Voice”, Season 6 winner josh Kaufman called’s “New Day” ~ above Saturday.

this Grimmie story yes, really hit me hard.. She was one of my favourite celebrities growing up and I watched all her videos. #RIPChristinaGrimmie

— alex lange (
alexmlange) June 11, 2016

The band that was touring with Grimmie, before You Exit, stated on Twitter that its members room heartbroken.

“Christina to be such a loving, caring, beautiful person with the best heart,” prior to You departure said a statement attached to one of its tweets. “She to be an absolutely remarkable musician and also an even far better friend.”