Cher and Sonny Bono were 2 of the many iconic musical acts in the 1960s. Fans buzzed roughly the couple, even after your relationship fell apart. Over the years, they made assorted jabs in ~ one another until lastly clearing the air at the end of Bono’s life.

It turns out the the beginnings of their relationship is a weird story together well.

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Cher and Sonny Bono | Dove/Express/Getty Images

Cher and also Sonny Bono’s marriage crashed and also burned

Cher was currently dating Bono and singing backup in top songs favor “You’ve lost That Lovin’ Feelin"” and “Be mine Baby.” Bono thought that Cher singer would be a massive success on she own. However, her nerves often overtook her, therefore he started performing through her. Their smash fight “I got You Babe” took off in 1965. “I knew what I wanted to do, however I never ever would’ve gained there there is no Sonny,” Cher told Billboard in 2017.

By the finish of the 1960s, complying with their child, Chaz Bono’s birth, and the stalling of their career, their marriage started to fizzle. However, they made decision to continue to be together publicly ~ the success of their 1971 show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

“One woman, or also five, to be not enough for him,” Cher stated in 1975 via Biography. “One the the points I originally found so attractive around Sonny was that he really believed women have to be taken treatment of. Eventually, it obtained to the allude of steering me crazy.”

The pair did officially separation in 1974 and also things became an extremely ugly when Cher uncovered that the bulk of the couple’s money remained in Sonny’s name. Still, despite they regularly said nasty things about each other, they had a shared understanding. “Even if us don’t to speak nice things around each other, it doesn’t mean anything,” Cher once said. “I recognize Sonny too well.”

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Cher was simply 16 once she met Sonny Bono

Cher and also Bono met in 1963 once the legendary diva was just 16. At the time, Bono to be 27 and also he was still married to his an initial wife, Dana Rankin, though they were headed because that a divorce. Initially, Cher had no interest in Bono, however that soon changed. “Everyone simply disappeared,” Cher told Elle in 2018. “He was the most unusual human I’d ever before seen.”

Initially, the previous couple’s connection was simply platonic. Cher moved in v Bono after being kicked the end by her former roommates. He offered her a ar to stay if she agreed to save it clean. The Goddess of popular music agreed, despite she never lifted a finger come do any kind of chores.

Eventually, the connection did revolve romantic, though everyone, including Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt to be taken aback. “t’s strange,” she told Ladies’ house Journal in 1975, “but at the time Sonny was the spitting photo of she father, Johnny Sarkisian. Ns think the dad image had actually a great deal to execute with Cher’s feelings, but I no think the would have actually helped that I’d told that to Cher. As soon as a girl is as much in love v a man as she was, no much deserve to be done around it.”

Cher attend Sonny Bono’s funeral

Bono tragically passed away in a skiing accident in 1998, and upon hearing the news, Cher was absolutely devastated. She drafted his eulogy, hoping to clear any public perceptions the were quiet held about each other.

“When i was a young there to be this section in Reader’s Digest called ‘The many Unforgettable personality I ever before Met. No matter how old i get, no matter exactly how many world I meet, that human will constantly be child for me,” she stated at his funeral.