Singer Celine Dion has actually been renowned for practically three decades. She music and voice space what captivates her fans. Yet some are likewise invested in her an individual life. The artist married just once, come René Angélil, her long-time manager. What to be Celine Dion’s period when castle met, and also what was their period difference?

Celine Dion became a singer as a teenager

Dion dreamed of gift a singer. She began performing at a young age in her indigenous Quebec, Canada. She won the 1988 Eurovision Song dispute at two decades old. After acquiring some notoriety, Dion made decision to pursue worldwide superstardom by learning and singing song in English, beginning with she albumUnison.

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In 1992, the artist winner her very first Grammy award for singing the title track from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. ~ that, Dion’s albums The color of mine LoveFalling into You, and Let’s Talk around Love brought her worldwide recognition, adhered to by her track “My Heart will Go On” for the film Titanic.

She married her manager, René Angélil


Celine Dion (R) and husband René Angélil in ~ the civilization Music Awards on may 3, 1995. | Jean-Pierre REY/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

As she climbed the charts in the ’90s, Dion additionally garnered fist for her personal life. Unlike many young stars, who dated other musicians and also actors, the singer announced her romance through her manager, René Angélil. The two met when she was just 12 year old ~ her household contacted that to represent her.

Angélil and also Dion married in 1994, as she rose to prominence. The singer was simply 26 when they bound the knot. The pair go on to have actually three children: René-Charles in 2001 and also twins Eddy and also Nelson in 2010. Angélil died in January 2016 of throat cancer. He was 73.

What to be the period difference in between Dion and Angelil?

Clearly, there’s a significant age void here. Celine Dion’s age at the moment of she husband’s fatality was 47, an interpretation their age difference was about 26 years. This is most notable when stating their early on years together. When they met when Dion to be 12, Angélil was in his so late 30s.

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The pair insists your romance didn’t start for years. “Don’t start a story,” Dion scolded Larry King in 1999 when asked around their early meeting. Follow to Angélil, they first kissed after ~ she winner the Eurovision Song dispute at 20, adhering to his 2nd divorce. Together for Dion? “I was in love a lengthy time prior to then.”

A Celine Dion biopic concentrates on your romance

Aside indigenous the sheer madness of a Celine Dion biopic whereby her name is adjusted to Aline Dieu, that is a an option to dual down on the "romance" through the manager she met as soon as she to be 12. That's going to lead to some amazing discourse. Https://

— Kayleigh Donaldson (

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In June 2021, the trailer because that a film based upon Dion’s life make the rounds on Twitter. TitledAline, that showcases the singer (known by a different name) indigenous her beforehand career v her burgeoning success. But some discussed that the emphasis on her and also Angélil is problem at best.

“Aside native the slim madness of a Celine Dion biopic whereby her name is adjusted to Aline Dieu, it is a choice to double down on the ‘romance’ through the manager she met as soon as she to be 12,” tweeted writer/critic Kayleigh Donaldson. “That’s walk to cause some amazing discourse.”