The chemistry between Jim Carrey and also Cameron Diaz in "The Mask" to be so fiery the fans in reality think the pair dated... And maybe they"re right... Maybe they"re wrong. The an ext important point is the their on-screen connection was palpable and also made the hilarious 1994 a bonafide hit. While the movie financially set-up Jim Carrey because that life, that was additionally extremely important for Cameron Diaz... It was her breakout film, after all.

if we"re somewhat disappointed the it appears as despite Cameron is done through Hollywood, she has achieved a lot of throughout her career. However none that her achievements would have been feasible without "The Mask". Thanks to a superb oral background by Forbes about the development of "The Mask", we know the genuine reason she was cast in the function of Tina Carlyle.

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The Director originally Wanted Anna Nicole Smith

The original vision because that the love-interest function of Tina Carlyle was a much an ext buxom woman. In fact, the director, lining Russell, want someone who looked favor Roger Rabbit"s wife in who Framed roger Rabbit?

"Originally, the director’s view was from roger Rabbit and so he want Anna Nicole Smith, who had actually agreed to perform the movie and also then in ~ the last minute, kind of backed the end to do Naked pistol 33 1⁄3: The last Insult in a little bit part," producer Robert Engelman told Forbes. "The director to be crushed and thought we must cancel the movie, however we didn’t retained looking and also looking. One day, we were every at an Academy party and also on the runway, we observed Cameron Diaz and we every said, "Yeah, that’s the type of person we’re feather for." So, ns turned to the spreading agent and also said, "Get her. Stop at the very least interview her." and we did and also that’s exactly how it come about."

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Director lining Russell cases that they check out a many of different actors because that the function of Tina. But Cameron was striking and immediately got his fist as well.

"The thing around Cameron the was really very interesting she is funny in person," director lining Russell explained. "She to be funny from day 1 and also had a most guts and also a lot of heart. You’ve acquired somebody bright and funny and who just stands up because that herself in such a good way. In the very very early readings, Jim Carrey was better reading with Cameron, so that’s what world don’t realize. There is truly together a point as chemistry."

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due to the fact that of Cameron"s striking photo on the runway, and also her immediate link with Jim, the filmmakers ended up being so enamored that they basically re-conceived the entire part. In fact, in the original script, the character of Tina to be a many edgier. But the audience immediately fell in love through Cameron. She couldn"t rather pull off the "bad girl" role. Therefore, so much of the character was adjusted just to fit Cameron"s performance and general energy.

Everyone fell In Love through The "New Girl"

The creator that "The Mask" comic was likewise quite taken through Cameron Diaz, according to Forbes.

"There to be a costume manager from the very first movie that i was involved with who kept calling me and also saying, "You have to see this girl, you need to see this girl,"" comic publication creator Mike Richardson said. "I asked, "Well, what has she done?" that said, "She hasn’t excellent anything, she new." You kind of overlook that, however eventually, she obtained an audition and also she finished up getting the duty and it is Cameron Diaz. Ns think the very first time this woman referred to as me, Cameron was just graduating from high school or had actually just i graduated from high school. Yet when us did the movie, she rotate 21 top top the set. And she was amazing."

Cameron was so "amazing", in fact, the the film launched her career. And it go the very same for Jim Carrey, together with "Ace Ventura" which debuted the exact same year as "The Mask".

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"At the time, she was really a nobody," Mask production designer Craig Stearns claimed. "So, we had these two nobody actors, really, in this semi-low budget plan movie, yet it had actually a many going because that it because the manuscript was so good and it had such a great mix of comedy and also drama and activity and so numerous other things mixed together."

Cameron and Jim"s link on-screen was instantly recognized by everyone in the crew. The 2 actors to be constantly cracked each other up and also this offered the crew and also the rest of the cast consistent enjoyment. And there"s no inquiry that this energy was picked up by the audience as well. After ~ all, it elevated the action-comedy and also created something important memorable.


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