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Calvin Johnson was at the top of his game when that retired from football, opting come walk away at the begin of his 30s rather than proceed to fight as a member that the Detroit Lions.

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The large receiver played nine seasons in the NFL, all of them in Detroit, and established himself as the best wideout in the league.

Despite all his talent, however, Johnson retired after his age-30 season in 2015, walking away from the game he loves in order come pursue various other aspirations in retirement.

So, what is Megatron act nowadays?

College Career

Coming the end of Sandy Creek High School, large receiver Calvin Johnson Jr. To visit Georgia Tech, where he played on college football under head coach Chan Gailey. Throughout his collegiate tenure, Johnson play in 36 games and also logged 178 receptions and also 28 touchdowns.

His last year in college was prolific. Megatron racked up 1,202 receiving yards and also 15 touchdowns en route to earning the Fred Biletnikoff Award and also being called a agreement All-American and also the 2006 ACC Player of the Year.

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NFL Career

One the the most athletically-gifted WRs ever.With one of the best nicknames ever.

Enjoy Megatron’s job highlights!