“What space you doing?” it’s a question asked a lot transparent "The Blue Lagoon," "Grease" manager Randal Kleiser’s 1980 adaptation of the early on 20th century story that shipwrecked cousins cultivation up in isolation on an island. The film, which roger Ebert called “the dumbest movie that the year” was a box office success and critical failure, generating controversy for its sexual content featuring a 14-year-old Brooke Shields. Watching the film today, “what space you doing?” is a resonant thought. The horny, expository melodrama makes for one awkward watch the becomes more interesting when considering the context of its star.

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As Emmeline, a teenager who knows just island life, Shields is tasked through making one archetypal naïf that a girl convincing. She go a slightly much better job 보다 Christopher Atkins, who, together her cousin/lover (gross, but also kind the inevitable) Richard, it is provided his present woodenly. Shields had actually the dubious success of win the very an initial Razzie Award because that Worst Actress for she role. She performance might not it is in great, however to contact it the worst of that year is as well harsh. And also besides, she’s not really playing a function so much as modeling, filling out a whisper-thin part with beauty. 


As a teen star, Shields was presented as a “good girl” whose famously solid brows balance out her breakable features. She public image, also when she was generating controversy, tho projected a borderline ridiculous level the naïveté. In a 1982 interview released in Scavullo Women, a publication of beauty tips, she was quoted together saying, “I’m totally against all kinds of drugs. Even cigarettes. I acquire my quote-unquote highs from other things: babies, etc music, animals”—and this was two years after ~ she starred in this horny teenager opus. To be there a wink in this statement, a trace of irony in that saccharine quality? It’s difficult to say, and when considering that Shields to be paid to be beautiful from she birth (her an initial brush through stardom came via an ivory Soap advertisement as a baby), one can’t aid but wonder about her level the self-awareness. 

Hollywood is littered with stories of son stardom’s dangers, however even with the questionable sexualizing of her pure loveliness, Shields seemed remarkably well-adjusted. “There’s never ever been a time as soon as I’ve stated I just wanted to be a kid, since all along I have been just a kid,” she stated in the exact same interview. This presentation the real-life innocence provides the onscreen presentation that "The Blue Lagoon"’s innocent/horny mélange feeling unsavory. Together Emmeline, Shields’ innocence turns into an overripe sexual fantasy. The fact that she doesn’t know exactly what sex is is claimed to make you feel better about watching her have actually it. Together logic to be flimsy enough practically 40 years ago, and feels also worse today. In she heyday, which just happened to coincide through the tail end of second-wave feminism, Shields appeared both younger and older than she was. "The Blue Lagoon" is nothing if no a cinematic variation of Britney Spears’ “I’m not a Girl, not Yet a Woman” twenty-some years prior to the fact. 

"The Blue Lagoon" had actually been adapted twice (in 1923 and 1949) before the 1980 version completed notoriety and twice since.

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"Return come the Blue Lagoon" (1991), certification Milla Jovovich, managed to receive even worse reviews than its predecessor, and also "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening," a lifetime film indigenous 2012, certainly isn’t canon. Maybe Hollywood’s remake mania will certainly bring an additional "Blue Lagoon" in the future, however there’s no perfect method to smooth the end the sex-related politics, and also there"s most likely to be little to recommend without Shields’ compelling mythology.