Tragic brand-new details have surfaced around the star’s meltdown, including cases that she minders were accepting bribes from paparazzi.

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In a new documentary, Britney Spears – breaking Point, airing on Sunday night, insiders expose that Spears, currently 37, might have had her life in danger — and the world who were paid to safeguard her safety might have welglossesweb.comed bribes indigenous paparazzi in exchange for accessibility to the singer.

Esther Tognozzi own the Los Angeles salon where the toxicity singer infamously shave her head in February 2007. In the special, Tognozzi revealed that one of the 2 bodyguards who’d add Spears to the salon repeatedly opened up the blinds to let the horde of photographers exterior the shop snap pictures of Spears buzzing turn off her very own hair.


Spears started shaving her very own head in the salon. Picture: X17online

She left the salon glossesweb.completely bald. Picture: Bauer Griffin/MEGA

According glossesweb.come Tognozzi, Spears arrived on the salon around closing time. “We were cleaning up and also there to be a bunch that flashing external lights and also we to be wondering, ‘Uh oh, what happened, police, ambulance?’

“We looked out and it’s a bunch the white lights flashing and somebody knocked on the door because we always keep the door locked saying: ‘Hey, open the door, Britney Spears wants to glossesweb.come in,’” she recalled.

“And of course, i said: ‘What for?’ and they proceeded to glossesweb.come in, she satellite on my chair, i said, ‘What’s up, have the right to I assist you?’ She said, ‘I want to cut my hair off.’”

Tognozzi claims she make the efforts to speak Spears the end of the stunt to no avail. “I said, ‘No, friend don’t,’ (and) she said, ‘Oh yes, i do.’”

“She had two bodyguards, supposedly keeping an eye the end to make sure the paparazzi were not getting any type of pictures and also one the them preserved opening the blinds,” Tognozzi recalled.

“I had actually blinds in ~ the side of the salon earlier then. I had actually a sliding-glass door and also I preserved saying, ‘There’s nobody end there, why perform you save opening up the blinds?’ Well, I uncovered out days later on why the was opened the blind since a photographer to be hiding over there to take it pictures,” she added.

Tognozzi claims while the Spears circus go on, she was likewise fielding calls indigenous her very own brother, that she’d been slated to meet with before Spears sauntered in. When Tognozzi went to take a call, she says, “By the moment I came back to she she had ordered a buzzer and she was experimentation to see how it was going to feel or look glossesweb.come buzz she hair.”

She continued, “My phone rang again so, together I’m glossesweb.comment my phone i realise she entered that various other room, satellite in that chair and also buzzed half her hair off.”

Tognozzi says she make the efforts to help Spears “fix” the case atop her head however that Spears didn’t want to change a thing when she shaved her head. She likewise claims that Spears to be happy v her shaved head and recalls the singer saying, “My mum is walk to be p***ed.”

Meanwhile, dance studio boss Robert Baker called The mirror that Spears’ father, Jamie, is likely the factor the singer is still lively today glossesweb.complying with her psychiatric episodes.

“I’ve well-known Britney due to the fact that 1998. I witnessed her at the height of her fame and saw her struggling as soon as things got tough,” Baker recalled.

“She was spiralling out of control. She to be going with the worst time of she life and needed help. Her dad stepped in and gave she the aid she needed. If he hadn’t, things might have been very different. I don’t think she would certainly still be through us today.”

In recent months, there has actually been increasing personal turmoil in between Britney and also Jamie, and her ex-husband (father of she sons Sean and also Jayden) Kevin Federline.

Federline obtained a restraining order against Jamie on instead of of himself, Sean and Jayden, ~ Jamie allegedly put his hand on Sean.

A law enforcement resource claimed the Sean allegedly “felt unsafe” and locked self in a room after ~ an discussion with Jamie, but that Jamie controlled to rest in and also allegedly “shook” the boy.

Britney reportedly eliminated her young from she father’s home and also informed Kevin the the incident. Jamie apparently won’t be charged end the incident.

Federline freshly agreed glossesweb.come 70 every cent custody of the youngsters glossesweb.compared glossesweb.come Spears’ 30; castle previously shared 50-50 custody.

Britney filed for divorce native the previous dancer in November 2006. The break-up was cleared up in march 2007. For a while, Kevin preserved custody the the youngsters until Britney stabilised after her extensively publicised breakdown.

Jamie served as the pop star’s conservator because 2008, however stepped down after the alleged altercation through Britney’s son, requesting that the singer’s treatment manager, Jodi Montgomery, action in for him temporarily.

Montgomery will apparently fill the duty until January 31, 2020, in ~ which suggest it’s speculated the Jamie will shot to renew the role.

This previous April, she checked right into a mental health facility, reportedly due to the tension of she father’s illness. Britney slammed reports that she was glossesweb.committed versus her will before she left therapy at the finish of that month.

In May, a judge in Britney’s conservatorship instance ordered a 730 skilled evaluation, a process usually provided to recognize the psychological health and also glossesweb.competence the a parental in a divorce case. It was not clear because that whom the testimonial was planned.

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In May, Britney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, asserted that the pop star’s medications had stopped working around the time the her father fell ill.

This article originally showed up in Fox and also was reproduced with permission