Spears was simply 16 year old when she made her debut on the glossesweb.com warm 100 singles chart on Nov. 21, 1998 v the now standard "... Infant One more Time." The tune shot come No. 1 less than 2 months later and the rest was history.

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To storage the singer"s 39th birthday this particular day (Dec. 2), we"ve compiled the 20 greatest Britney Spears songs on the glossesweb.com hot 100.Check them the end below.

Britney"smidtemponod todoo-wop, "Lucky," turned out to be much less than pure fiction once the singer later went through an individual problems in the very public eye. But prior to all that, in 2000, the track -- a take it on the "lonely at the top" concept -- peaked at No. 23 ~ above the warm 100.

19. "Work B***h"Hot 100 peak Position: 12 (2013)

"Work B***h," the lead solitary off Britney"s eighth studio effortBritney Jean,peaked at 12 ~ above the warm 100 and also told basic truths -- if you desire to look favor Britney, drive prefer Britney and also be as successful as Britney, you much better work, b---h.

18. "From The Bottom of My broken Heart"Hot 100 peak Position: 14 (2000)

Still a teenager as soon as this Eric Foster White-produced single was released in 2000, Spears" convincing take on love lost aided "Broken Heart" reached the height 20 the the warm 100.

17. "Stronger"Hot 100 peak Position: 11 (2001)

Brit Brit kicked the potential sophomore slump to the curb with one of her finest songs of mrs empowerment. The dance-y "Stronger," off she albumOops!... I Did it Again not only hit the warm 100 hard, it also landed in the height 20 that the popular music Songs radio airplay chart.

16. "Sometimes"Hot 100 peak Position: 21 (1999)

"Sometimes," Spears" second single, epitomizes the innocence the the popular music star"s first album, particularly in its sunny music video. Wearing every white, Spears and her dancers overtake Kenny"s Cove and perform some unoffending dance moves while the singer yearns for her hunky man.

15. "Piece that Me"Hot 100 height Position: 18 (2008)

"Miss American Dream since was 17" addresses her harshest doubters in this woozy synth hit. Clearly, we did desire a piece. In addition to its peak 20 peak on the hot 100, it checked out No. 8 on the Digital songs chart and won her the MTV video clip Music compensation for video clip of the Year in 2008.

14. "If U seek Amy"Hot 100 optimal Position: 19 (2009)

The third solitary from her comeback albumCircus catches Britney playing bad girl. (Say the location fast). The 2009 monitor finds Spears to sing of society"s late of she life end electro-pop synthesized beats.

13. "Everytime"Hot 100 peak Position: 15 (2004)

This breathy ballad came after she breakup through Justin Timberlake and rumors easily swirled the this Britney Spearssong was a solution to his "Cry Me a River." back Brit has never denied or confirmed, the lyrics are certainly curious. "I may have made it vague," she sings, "Please pardon me/My weakness brought about you pain/And this song is mine sorry."

12. "(You drive Me) Crazy"Hot 100 optimal Position: 10 (1999)

"Crazy" snuck right into the top 10 that the hot 100 as the third single off ...Baby One much more Time and the lead cut from the soundtrack that the 1999 romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy, certification Melissa Joan Hart and also a pre-Entourage Adrian Grenier in his an initial major role.

11. "Gimme More"Hot 100 optimal Position: 3 (2007)

When a song begins with "It"s Britney, b---h," you simply know you"re in because that a treat. The fact that "Gimme More," Spears" lead single off 2007"s Blackout, wasn"t an extremely appetizing to movie critics didn"t issue to fans, who helped send the breathy, stripper-ready dance track to No. 3 on the hot 100 in October of that year. However, it was Brit"s embarrassing power of the tune on the MTV VMAs a pair weeks prior to its relax that has endured and also in its wake spawned very early YouTube star in kris "Leave Britney Alone!" Crocker.

10. "Oops!...I Did the Again"Hot 100 top Position: 9 (2000)

After her debut album made her a bubblegum pop star, Spears declared, "I"m not that innocent" ~ above the title reduced to she sophomore album. "Oops" will certainly forever be remembered as the tune Spears performed at the MTV VMA"s in a risque, skin-colored outfit.

9. "Toxic"Hot 100 optimal Position: 9 (2004)

For the second single off 2004"s In the Zone, Britney went v something a small different, sonically-speaking. "Toxic" go to areas previously unexplored by Spears: aggressive digital sound effects, shrieking strings and a killer surf-guitar riff. The i can not qualify combo, ushered in by steamy vocals, worked, together "Toxic" shed into the hot 100"s optimal 10.

8. "Hold It versus Me"Hot 100 peak Position: 1 for one mainly (2011)

This pulsating run track through its thickly-layered manufacturing (via Max Martin, Dr. Luke and glossesweb.com), a pickup-line chorus ("If I said I want your body now ...") and also a dubstep-ish break down debuted in January 2011 atop the warm 100 and also made Britney only the second artist come launch a track at No. 1 multiple times. The lavish and also futuristic video, which includes a Fight Club-esque scene where Brit war Brit, assisted to do "Hold It against Me" -- and also her platinum-selling album Femme Fatale -- the huge hits they are.

7. "I Wanna Go"Hot 100 height Position: 7 (2011)

Who claims Brit shouldn"t execute what she wants? ~ above this reduced from Femme Fatale, it"s clean that once she just lets walk of her inhibitions and also cuts loose, she"s qualified of making hot dance jams and top 10 hits. This happens to be both.

6. "Circus"Hot 100 peak Position: 3 (2008)

"There"s just two varieties of people in the world. The ones the entertain and also the ones the observe," is the lead line of Britney"s "Circus." We"ve well-known which one she is -- the lady in the limelight -- since her debut single. This title monitor of her 6th album reinforces that, noting a return to the straight-forward pop sound for which she came to be known in her at an early stage days.

5. "Til The world Ends"Hot 100 height Position: 3 (2011)

"Hold It versus Me" may have been the lead single to Femme Fatale, yet its follow-up, "Til The civilization Ends," catches the significance of Spears" electro-pop opus. The track to be a hot 100 hit even prior to fellow pop divas Nicki Minaj and Kesha joined Brit because that a remix.

4. "3"Hot 100 peak Position: 1 for one week(2009)

A solitary from her 2009 Singles Collection package, "3" is the mix of numerous Britney signature styles. Mainstream popular music is definitely in the forefront, lustful moans on the chorus and a touch of electronic is additionally in the mix. The title, meanwhile, might be seemingly innocent, however it actually describes something quite much less so. Funny fact: this Britney Spearssong is 3:33 long.

3. "Scream & Shout" - Will.i.am & Britney SpearsHot 100 peak Position: 3 (2013)

Featuring a dark, slithering beat and a slew of society commands, "Scream & Shout," native Will.i.am"s album Willpower, attributes a an extremely different look because that Spears, who voice is roboticized come a virtually unrecognizable degree. "I wanna scream, and shout, and also let it all out," Spears and also will.i.am sing in unison on the chorus, prior to the pop star autumn a signature "Britney, b---h" and also the percussion is dutifully ratcheted up.

2. "Womanizer"Hot 100 height Position: 1 because that one week(2008)

With a blatant 2007 behind her, Britney knew she needed a huge year in music come come ago from all the tawdry drama. Through "Womanizer," indigenous Circus, she was able to do simply that, and score her very first No. 1 ~ above the warm 100 due to the fact that "...Baby One more Time."

1. "...Baby One an ext Time"Hot 100 peak Position: 1 for two weeks (1999)

Britney"s debut single, "...Baby One much more Time," continues to be her greatest hit, undoubtedly fueled by that sexy schoolgirl music video. The Max Martin-penned solitary sustained a secure build, judgment the hot 100 chart at No. 1 for 2 weeks in at an early stage 1999 after debuting ~ above the chart in late November "98, a month ~ it to be serviced come radio and just a couple of weeks embarrassy of her 17th birthday.

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This graph of Spears" 20 biggest glossesweb.com hot 100 access time is based on actual power on the weekly glossesweb.com hot 100, with the chart date Dec. 5, 2020. Songs space ranked making use of an inverse suggest system, through weeks at No. 1 earning the best value and weeks in ~ No. 100 earning the least.