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Bindi Irwinalways keeps she dad in mind. Ever before sinceSteve Irwin"s fatality in 2006,Bindi makes a point to respect him in every significant life moment.

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Though Bindi was just seven year old at the moment of she dad"s death, the affect he had on she life is clean from her continued work in ~ Australia Zoo, whereby Steve had actually been affiliated since his childhood. Bindi"s mother, Terri Irwin, and also her little brother, Robert Irwin, are likewise passionate aboutthe animal-focused work.

In addition to her skilled similarities to her dad, Bindi regularly emulates his type spirit, good-natured humor and also fun-loving nature in she day-to-day life, i beg your pardon she shares both ~ above television and social media.

From her fact TV stint to she newborn daughter, store scrolling come see just how Bindi has actually kept she dad close over the years.

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When Bindi joined Dancing v the Starsin 2015, she mostly stepped right into the spotlight together her own human being for the first time. Paired with Derek Hough, Bindi"s relocating tributes to she dad began the very first night the the competition, when she danced to Elton John"s "Crocodile Rock," a nod to she dad"s nickname, The Crocodile Hunter.

"My mom constantly said that anytime Dad would watch me dance roughly the zoo, he would certainly cry. Ns think the actual reason the I"m act this is to make him proud," she claimed ahead of the dance, which earned she the top score of the night.

Bindi"s next tribute came throughout week four of the competition, once she determined to honor she dad once more by choose 2006, the year of his death, as her most memorable year. The week, she perform a modern-day danceset to a cover of "Every Breath girlfriend Take," and also once again deserve the highest score the the night.

"I have the right to remember being little and the one thing I want to carry out was be just like Dad once I flourished up. Ns still feel prefer that," Bindi said during the episode. "...No matter where i go, Dad will always be through me. I wish that he could fully understand just how much he’s done for me and that I miss him."

Weeks later, during part one of theDWTSfinale, Bindi earned a perfect score because that both of her dances, including the one she devoted to her late father, a freestyle routine to Leona Lewis" "Footprints in the Sand." after performing the number, Bindi sobbed on Derek"s shoulder.

Bindi walk on to win the show. ET spokewith Bindi shortly thereafter, wherein her wishes for the future made that clear the she still planned to monitor in her dad"s footsteps post-mirrorball win.

"I would love to continue to spread my message on countless different platforms. There room a few different things I would certainly love to it is in a part of and I"m simply excited to see what"s ~ above the horizon," she said ET in ~ the time."I can"t wait to get ago to every one of my animals and also to simply go and lay under the trees with my snakes and also my rhinos. It"ll it is in so nice."

Getting she driver"s license

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A couple of months after she ballroom victory, Bindi achieved another huge feat -- obtaining her driver"s license! Bindi shared a write-up of her smiling after she passed the test, revealing in the caption that she did for this reason in her dad"s car.

"Thank friend so much to Constable Joshua little and Queensland Police for experimentation me today and giving me my license," she composed at the time. "It was wonderful to take it my test in St George and also pass the first time and also in my Dad"s huge old ute!"

Her brother, Robert, would certainly go ~ above to learn to drive in the same vehicle years later.

Turning 18

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Aheadof she 18th birthday in June 2016, Bindi called ETthat the milestone would be "bittersweet" without her dad there.

"I have the right to feel that he"s not below anymore on many of the days that are really huge for ours family. On days favor birthdays, Christmases, it"s yes, really a hard time due to the fact that he"s not here," she said."It"s sad since you desire him to be right beside you and experiencing every these milestones, yet I truly think that, in some way, the is still v us."

"He was our superhero, he to be our tower of strength, for this reason it"s tough knowing that he"s not best there," Bindi added. "But hope he"s looking down on us from somewhere and is really excited for these moments too."

When the large day ultimately came, Bindi shared a throwback pic that herself v her parents along with a sweet tribute to she family.

"This photo was taken in ~ the first year of my life. To it is in perfectly moral life has changed in a million ways because this photo was taken," Bindi wrote."Along the way we gained one more incredible part of our family, my brother Robert. Our conservation occupational with Wildlife Warriors take it off around the world. Our home, Australia Zoo ongoing to expand and also has come to be the best zoological basic on earth earth. Our Dad, Mum"s soulmate and also a superhero for united state all, passed away."

"However, because this picture was taken, 18 year ago, one life ingredient has remained, unchanged, unbreakable. The is the unconditional love that is shared between my beautiful tiny family and the commitment we have to each other and also everyone rather who has taken this journey through us," she continued."I don"t think that when this picture was taken also my beautiful parents can have recognized what life would evolve. I know that ns am endlessly grateful for the love and light I have been given due to the fact that Day 1 of my life."

Dating her future husband

Bindi Irwin ~ above What late Father Steve Irwin would Think that Her boyfriend Chandler Powell (Exclusive)

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Bindi met and fell in love v her now-husband, Chandler Powell, ~ he visited Australia Zoo in 2013. Once ET speak withBindi in 2018 about her then-beau, the conservationist revealed the her dad would"ve approved of him.

"I hope he’d choose Chandler. Ns think he would. Ns mean, Chandler’s wonderful," Bindi said, before including of Chandler,"He’s constantly up because that a challenge. Native jumping ~ above crocodiles to acquiring his little cocky bow tie on, you understand he’s law good."

"So, i hope dad would certainly love Chandler. Us all love him," she continued. "...Dad constantly used come say, "If you’re gonna day a guy, he has to cross the croc pond first." and also thankfully, Chandler"s a wakeboarder. For this reason you know what? Wakeboarding throughout the pond, I’m certain he would have actually passed the test."

Bindi Irwin Credits so late Dad Steve because that Success that 'Crikey! It's the Irwins' collection (Exclusive)

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Since 2018, Bindi and her family members have starred ~ above the animal Planet showCrikey! It"s the Irwins. The show has to be a success, so much so that it was nominated because that the Critics" selection Real TV Award because that Ensemble actors in an Unscripted Series. ET spokewith the Irwins in ~ the 2019 ceremony, and Bindi credited her late dadforall they"d accomplished.

"Crikey! It"s the Irwinsis all around carrying ~ above in Dad"s footsteps and continuing his job-related with Wildlife Warriors and at Australia Zoo," Bindi said. "We have actually conservation projects everywhere the globe."

"Tonight, this show being nominated, is really simply recognizing every one of the amazing job-related that Dad very first started. This is absolutely for him," she continued. "We are so, so grateful to be here tonight, as a family, celebrating him. Ns feel like he"d be speak "crikey!" if that was right here tonight. That"s because that sure."

Getting engaged

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Following nearly six year together, Bindi and also Chandler got involved in July 2019. Favor many big events in her life, Bindi said ET the her engagement was "bittersweet."

"There"s people who ns really wish can be below today for this time in my life. Specifically my dad," she said."I wish that he could be right here to be acquiring excited and also welcome into the family, and I think that"s really challenging ."

"I think that Dad would have actually loved him so much and also he would have been therefore excited the he"s now component of our family," she added.

After accepting Chandler"s proposal, Bindi required to Instagram come pen a letter to she late dad in honor of the unique occasion.

"Dad, you would be so very proud of Robert. He has actually been together an exceptional support during this beautiful brand-new life chapter," Bindi wrote alongside family photos. "I know you’d be beaming through pride when the time comes that he to walk me down the aisle."

"I wish you might be below for this moments, yet I understand that her spirit lives on in us," she added.

Tying the knot

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Since the moment Bindi embraced Chandler"s proposal, she"d been thinking about how to incorporate her so late dad in her wedding. As soon as ETspoke withher soon after her engagement, Bindi currently knew one special means she to be goingto respect Steve"s memory.

"I think the for me, it"ll it is in really crucial that Robert go me under the aisle. That"s other that ns really want to do," she said."I"m always so grateful that Robert is there, and also he has actually been together a big part of my life and he"s always stepped up and been the one to provide me a hug when I need it and encourage me front in life."

"He will certainly be the one come walk me down the aisle once the time comes, and I think that will certainly make it really special," Bindi continued."And ns think that"s what Dad would have actually wanted as well."

Though much of Bindi"s to plan wedding had to be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the bride madesure come honor she dad in a huge way on her special day.

"Mum helped me obtain ready, Robert to walk me under the aisle, Chandler came to be my husband and together we lit a candle in Dad’s memory," she revealed ~ above Instagram after tying the node in March."We shared tears and smiles and also love."

Bindi additionally displayed a photo of Steve through her late dog, Sue, at the nuptials to honor them both.

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"I love that picture so much. It"s more than likely one that my favorite photos we have of him due to the fact that he is with his beautiful dog, Sue," Bindi said ET of the tribute. "My middle name, Sue, i was named after the household dog. Suey will always hold a special location in mine heart and also growing increase she was one of the very very first animals i loved. She was there from the moment I was born."

"Sadly, Suey and Dad both pass away, however I love that photograph since it symbolizes anyone who could not it is in there through us on that day and also it"s just beautiful and it"s together a perfect moment," she added. "Just Dad, our dog, Suey. They constantly shared a cup that tea together in the morning."

Deciding to store her last surname after speak "I do"

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Though Bindi became a wife when she married Chandler, she determined to remain an Irwin in surname in honor of she dad.

"I think that for me personally, after Dad passed away, it was really important for me to feeling close come him," she said ET. "Having his critical name means so lot to me."

"Chandler has become an Irwin now," Bindi joked. "It has end up being a part of me. Everyone has actually their very own ideas, however the nice point is the it"s 2020 now, noþeles works!"