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Anna Nicole Smith"s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, is her mini me. The late model and also her 14-year-old teenager couldn"t look an ext alike in a new 20/20 special, Tragic Beauty, that aired Friday.

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Ahead of the anniversary of Anna Nicole"s death, Dannielynn traveled through her father, Larry Birkhead, to she mom"s Texas hometown and nostalgic areas in Los Angeles. They likewise met some of the actress" high school friends and went to areas she spent time at before coming to be famous. Anna Nicole died Feb. 8, 2007, native an inadvertently overdose. Dannielynn was just 5 months old once her mother passed away at the period of 39.

"Dannielynn"s a teenager now, and also she doesn"t really recognize a ton that things about her mom," Larry explains in the special. "Anna should be remembered together this larger-than-life number that was yes, really a caring, offering person, a beautiful lady that loved her fans and loved her family."

While in L.A., castle visited number of sentimental locations and Dannielynn saw for the very first time few of Anna Nicole"s memorabilia from she life and career, tucked far in a storage locker adhering to her death.

"She has actually a huge heart like her mom had and also I think she can appreciate this things," Larry says, prior to telling his daughter, "This is stuff that I had actually for girlfriend for, like, a long time."

Larry formerly told ET the he go his best to keep Anna Nicole"s memory lively for their daughter, and she reminds him of she mother.

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"I look in ~ her and she"s my everything," he said. "When I view how huge she"s become, I"m just so proud that her… She reminds me so much of she mom and also as she gets older, and her attributes are changing, it"s similar to having a tiny miniature Anna Nicole running about in so countless ways."

In might of 2019, when making their yearly appearance at the Kentucky Derby, Dannielynn payment tribute to she late mom by put on the same hat that Anna Nicole wore come the occasion in 2004.


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