Ann-Margret – a Swedish-American actress who came to be famous for her duties in Bye bye Birdie and also Viva ras Vegas – was married come actor and producer roger Smith because that 50 years, from 1967 until his death in 2017.

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The couple shared a long and beautiful love story, during which he aided her in she recovery indigenous alcoholism. She likewise served together his caregiver during multiple wellness issues, such as Parkinson’s condition and myasthenia gravis.

Still, despite the love the couple shared, probably Ann-Margret’s most famous romantic relationship was through Elvis Presley. After Ann-Margret and Presley’s partnership ended, they common a coherent connection till his fatality in 1977.

But was Smith ever before jealous that his wife’s flirtatious friendship through the King that Rock and Roll? The actress, currently 79, answer that question in she 1994 autobiography, Ann-Margret: my Story.



Ann-Margret and also Roger smith at their wedding in 1967 | Keystone/Getty Images

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Smith and Presley occasionally spent time with each other

While many men would have actually been intimidated by your wife’s continuous friendship through Elvis himself, Ann-Margret said her husband never ever showed signs of envy when it pertained to her ex-boyfriend.

Presley ongoing to send guitar-shaped flower arrangement to Ann-Margret backstage at her shows for the remainder of his life. They likewise talked regularly and always shared a one-of-a-kind connection.

Ann-Margret also occasionally invested time with both Presley and also Smith at social events.

In las Vegas, she recalled in My Story, Presley when impishly called Ann-Margret over – referring to her by his affectionate nickname for her, “Rusty” – and also asked her to stand still while he did karate chops in she direction.

According come Ann-Margret, he wanted to “show exactly how closed he could come to challenge without emotional or hurting .” Presley traction it off, and also Smith simply grinned, even expressing his amazement in ~ the King’s ability in martial arts.

Ann-Margret and also Roger smith in 2017 | Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

She claimed her husband interpreted her friendship v the King

In reflecting on this moment, which might easily have end up being an awkward face-off v her previous boyfriend and also current husband, Ann-Margret revealed that she deeply appreciated Smith’s apparent lack the jealousy toward Presley.

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“One the the traits ns love about my husband is the he was never ever jealous the the friendship I shared with Elvis,” she wrote. “If it had actually been one more old boyfriend who periodically showed up in mine life, bearing flowers and also gifts, i don’t think he would have actually been as understanding. Yet Elvis to be different, he was special, and also like everyone else, Roger put in a category all his own.”

Ann-Margret said that smith knew she and also the King of Rock and also Roll common a “bond that would never ever be broken,” and also he “didn’t try” to break it. Top top the contrary, she wrote, Smith and Presley actually gained along well and were friendly with each other. ~ Presley’s fatality in 1977, Smith even attended his funeral with Ann-Margret to pay his respects.