One the Ann-Margret’s most famous movies is Bye farewell Birdie. When the teenager musical appears wholesome today, Ann-Margret revealed one of her outfits was daring for the time. Here’s a look at the initiative it took to develop the scene.

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Ann-Margret in Bye bye Birdie | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

How Ann-Margret gained the role in ‘Bye farewell Birdie’

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ann-Margret revealed she got to star in Bye farewell Birdie since she caught someone’s eye at a brand-new Year’s eve celebration. “Mr. George Sidney — a wonderful director, bless his spirit — experienced me at a new Year’s eve party at las Vegas’ Sands Hotel in 1961,” she recalled. “

“I was barely the end of my teens, having actually a great time law the twist, and I had the shining red hair,” she recalled. “Ahh, dear! He just knew then the he wanted me inBye taking leave Birdie.” for context, Sidney was well-known for directing movie musicals favor Pal Joey, Annie acquire Your Gun, and also Kiss Me Kate.

Ann-Margret moved like a chicken during this run number in ‘Bye bye Birdie’

Later in the interview, Ann-Margret debated a music number that required lots the preparation. “Our best number was ‘A most Livin’ to Do,"” she said. “Oh, mine gosh, the adrenaline! us rehearsed the for three weeks and shot the for three days. I don’t think they invest that type of time now. The dance — we relocated like chickens. “

“A the majority of Lovin’ to Do” from the original cast recording that Bye bye Birdie

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“I to be lip-syncing, but I constantly sang along,” she added. “It wouldn’t look genuine if friend didn’t. The outfit was a tiny daring for the time, the large capris. I happened to love the color. Ns think they called it Schiaparelli Pink. It was the exact color of cotton candy.”

How ‘Bye taking leave Birdie’ readjusted Ann-Margret’s life

Ann-Margret felt her outfit in the scene was somewhat daring but it wasn’t daring enough to trigger any type of backlash. During a 2021 interview with Fox News, she revealed the movie fully changed her life and catapulted her to stardom. Ann-Margret claimed she’s still friends v her Bye taking leave Birdie co-star Bobby Rydell. She love making the film and also she think that shows in her performance.

In addition, she to be nominated for the gold Globe for ideal Actress in a top Role  Musical or Comedy. However, she lost the compensation to Shirley MacLaine for her function in the standard musical Irma la Douce. taking leave Bye Birdie to be nominated for the gold Globe because that Best picture — musical or Comedy, only to lose to the film Tom Jones.

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Ann-Margret and other members the the actors of 1963’s Bye taking leave Birdie performing “A most Livin’ come Do”

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The heritage of ‘A most Livin’ come Do’ from ‘Bye bye Birdie’

“A most Livin’ to Do” had actually some relevance beyond Ann-Margret’s variation in the original film variation of Bye taking leave Birdie. Sammy Davis Jr. Extended the song for his album, Sammy Davis Jr Belts the ideal of Broadway. “A lot of Livin’ come Do” showed up in the 1990s television remake of Bye farewell Birdie also though the work again, please again is significantly different indigenous the initial movie. It take it a lengthy time come prepare because that “A many Livin’ to Do,” however the song affected pop culture.