"Family Affair" Actress Anissa Jones throughout filming of the television show "Family Affair," 1967. (Photo by blacksmith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Whatever occurred to Anissa Jones, who played Buffy from family members Affair, the tiny girl audience couldn’t aid but love? she story is a tragic one of a boy actor"s substantial success, frustration end typecasting, and also descent right into drugs. Anissa Jones" death from a combination of cocaine, PCP and also other drugs exposed a dark next of kid stardom in Hollywood, and also casts a shadow over a feel-good present that entertained a generation of TV viewers.

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At eight years old, Anissa was cast as Buffy on family members Affair, which aired native 1966 till 1971. The display told the story of Buffy, her twin brother Jody (Johnny Whitaker), and their older sister Cissy (Kathy Garver), that all go live through their uncle in new York after their parents dice in a automobile accident. Their "Uncle Bill" (Brian Keith) is a bachelor who knows nothing about taking treatment of kids, so he enlists the aid of his valet, Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot). The life of a kid actor or actress is very hard. Regularly demanding long hours on the set that disrupt the normal procedure of education and also socialization children need.

Before family Affair, Anissa Jones had actually made her first television appearance in a breakfast cereal commercial when she was only six years old.

The "Family" Business


Buffy famously doll loved her doll, "Mrs. Beasley," i m sorry was offered as a advancement gimmick because that the show and also sold by Mattel. Various other toys and items that were marketed include document dolls, lunch boxes, colour books, clothing, and even a cookbook v Buffy’s photo on the cover. By the time household Affair to be canceled, Anissa to be 13 year old, and she to be glad come not have to be watched holding that doll any kind of longer.

In enhancement to Family Affair, Anissa Jones go the usual celebrity guest appearances on speak and range shows, including Rowan and also Martin’s Laugh-in, The Mike Douglas Show, and The penis Cavett Show, i beg your pardon was her last figure on television, in 1971.

On display With The King


"The Trouble v Girls" lobby card, reflecting Anissa Jones, Pepe Brown, Marlyn Mason, and also Elvis Presley. Source: moviestillsdb.com

Anissa Jones" one movie function was together Carol Bix in the Elvis Presley movie The Trouble v Girls, performing the song "Doodle Doo Doo." over there were numerous other children in the film, including another very famous child actress, Susan Olson -- better known together Cindy Brady from the The Brady Bunch.

The Pitfalls Of child Stardom


Anissa Jones" life began out regular enough; her father organized a graduate degree in engineering and also was top top the faculty at Purdue University, whereby her mother was examining zoology. Not lengthy after she was born, the household moved to California, where her father acquired a task in aerospace engineering.

Life after household Affair proved complicated for Anissa. She had hoped to work-related in films, but could not land the kind of function she was hoping for. She auditioned for the lead role in The Exorcist (1973), but was turned down (in donate of Linda Blair) because people still believed of her together Buffy. Brian Keith readily available her a component on The Brian Keith Show, i m sorry aired native 1972 come 1974, yet by that time, she had actually lost the desire to job-related in television. She was likewise offered a possibility to audition because that a part in Taxi Driver, but turned that down as well. Anissa feel she was typecast, that everyone assumed of her together being like Buffy, which do it tough for she to get a different form of role.

Career Frustration and Bad Decisions


Just a year prior to she began on household Affair, she parents had gone v a terrible divorce through a long and also bitter custody battle for her and her small brother. Sadly, her father died shortly ~ he to be awarded custody in 1973. Once her father passed away, she visited live through a girlfriend while she brother went to live v their mother. She began to skip school and also ended up gift arrested, as her mom reported her together a runaway. Later, after month of gift in juvenile hall, she was enabled to walk live with her mother. She began taking drugs and also shoplifting and, through 1975, she had dropped the end of high school. 

The final Chapter the The Anissa Jones Story


In march of 1976, on her eighteenth birthday, Anissa ultimately gained manage of her income from family Affair, a amount of $180,000 and an unspecified quantity of money native U.S. Savings bond that had been organized for her in a trust fund. She and also her brother rented an apartment together not far from your mother. Only five months later, in august of 1976, she attend a party v a brand-new boyfriend on the beach. Later, she was found dead in one of the bedrooms at she 14-year-old friend’s house. Her death was ruled an accidental drug overdose; cocaine, PCP, Seconal and Quaaludes were discovered in she system. Over there was additionally a vial that a blue liquid uncovered by her body that was never ever identified. 

Anissa Jones"s death at the age of 18 to be a tragic yet not totally surprising finish to a life that had been in decline for a few years. Her body was cremated, with her ashes being spread over the Pacific Ocean. That the $180,000 that she had actually just received, she had actually $63,000 left and over $100,000 left in to save bonds.

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There is, unfortunately, an ext to the saga. Anissa"s doctor was arrested 6 days after she death, and charged through illegally prescribing the medicine Seconal come her. Encountering multiple charges, including second-degree murder, the doctor passed away just four months later while awaiting trial. The murder charges to be dropped, but his estate was sue by the family members with a final judgment of $79,500 awarded. As if the weren’t poor enough, on march 15, 1984, Anissa’s brother, Paul, died as well of a medicine overdose. That was just 24 years old. Their mother passed away in January the 2012.

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