One tiny secret told come him around the future that Professor Snape compelled gibbs Alan Rickman from offering up on the harry Potter franchise.

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Alan Rickman together Severus Snape in a still from the final Harry Potter film.
After appearing as the sinister Professor Snape in 2 Harry Potter films, gibbs Alan Rickman didn’t feeling compelled to go back to play a character that he thought was nothing much more than ‘an unchanging costume’. However then JK Rowling told him a secret about Snape, one the would just be revealed to fans many years later. She told that the definition behind words ‘always’.

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As part of a special attribute commemorating the conclusion the the take care of Potter franchise in 2011, Rickman report the story to empire magazine. “I have just returned from the dubbing studio wherein I spoke into a microphone together Severus Snape because that absolutely the critical time. Top top the display were part flashback shots the Daniel, Emma and also Rupert indigenous ten year ago. They to be 12. Ns have likewise recently changed from new York, and also while ns was there, I witnessed Daniel singing and also dancing (brilliantly) top top Broadway. A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes.”

He continued, “Three kids have end up being adults due to the fact that a phone speak to with Jo Rowling, include one tiny clue, persuaded me the there was much more to Snape 보다 an unchanging costume, and that also though only three that the books were the end at the time, she hosted the entire massive yet delicate narrative in the surest of hands. That is an ancient need to it is in told stories. Yet the story demands a great storyteller. Many thanks for every one of it, Jo.”


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At the end of the harry Potter saga, that is revealed that the antagonistic Professor Snape was, in fact, fighting to safeguard Harry indigenous the evil Lord Voldemort, all since he remained in love through Harry’s mother, Lily. In the books (and films), when Professor Dumbledore learns of Snape’s affection for Lily Potter, he asks, “After every this time?” “Always,” stated Snape.

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Rickman in 2011 had also told HitFix the Rowling had offered him ‘one tiny, left of field piece that information’ around Snape. That said, “It helped me think the he to be more facility and that the story was no going to be as directly down the line as everybody thought. If girlfriend remember as soon as I did the very first film she’d only written 3 or four books, for this reason nobody knew whereby it was really going except her. And also it was necessary for her the I recognize something, yet she only gave me a tiny item of info which helped me think it was a more ambiguous route.”