If you’re a teens you may be thinking about getting a part-time job, however it’s hard when you 14 to discover places the hire that young.

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Fast-food restaurants are regularly where teens start, so possibly you’ve been wondering whether you have the right to work in ~ McDonald’s at period 14? Keep analysis to find out the answer and much more!

Can You work at McDonald’s at 14 In 2021?

Some claims in America do allow you to work-related at McDonald’s at period 14, as lengthy as you have a valid job-related permit and parental permission. If work by McDonald’s at 14-year-olds, you might be limited to the form of tasks you can use for and also the variety of hours worked. Beginning pay is $8 – $11 relying on the state.

To learn more about what states allow 14-year-olds to job-related at McDonald’s, species of jobs, duties, and also more, save on reading!

Which States enable You to work-related at McDonald’s at period 14?

Below is a list of states that enable 14-year-olds to acquire employment. However, the is also worthwhile checking your local state legislations as these can adjust frequently.

AlaskaIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyMontanaNorth DakotaOhioPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth DakotaWisconsinWyoming

What kind of Job deserve to a 14 Year Old have actually at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s boundaries the kind of project someone age 14 can apply for to just a crew member, but it’s great entry-level working experience.

However, a McDonald’s crew member still has plenty of responsibilities and plays an important part in the team.

What does a Crew Member perform at McDonald’s?

Crew members space the entry-level employees at McDonald’s and also are offered very particular duties as part of your job summary including:

Keeping the restaurants cleaned and also bathrooms cleaned (sweeping, mopping, sanitizing)Help customers with concerns they have at the respond to or throughout their dine-in experienceWelcoming customers right into the restaurant and also being friendly when on the floorGetting essential items for customers if dining inStocking items as necessary throughout the store including the prior of the house and also in the kitchenPreparing food orders in the kitchen as long as she not using the grill or various other powered equipmentWash key or clear the tables and also chairs for the following customer come useOther assigned work by the manager or transition lead

How lot Does a 14 Year Old make at McDonald’s?

A 14-year-old deserve to make everywhere from $8 an hour come $11 an hour working at McDonald’s depending upon location.

Additionally, there may be various other special perks and also bonuses come encourage an ext young human being to apply for entry-level positions, such together holiday pay, sign-on bonuses, and also more.

Unfortunately, as result of various commonwealth laws concerning how countless hours a 14-year-old is enabled to work, paychecks won’t be much throughout the school year.

How numerous Hours can a 14-Year-Old occupational at McDonald’s per Week?

McDonald’s needs to follow commonwealth guidelines and laws i m sorry state the someone who is 14 have the right to only work-related 3 hours throughout the mainly on school days.

Additionally, if school isn’t in session, such together summer break, the law states the someone period 14 cannot work more than 8 hrs a day.

Furthermore, a 14-year-old cannot work much more than 18 hours a week throughout the institution year and no an ext than 40 hrs per week as soon as the college year is over.

How Late deserve to a 14-Year-Old job-related at McDonald’s?


Under the fair Labor standards Act, a 14-year-old cannot work prior to 7 am or ~ 7 afternoon if it’s throughout the college year.

In enhancement to that, once school is no in session, such as summer break, a 14-year-old can not work before 7 to be or after ~ 9 pm.

However, boy labor regulations due differ by state, therefore it’s essential to watch up her state and determine more specific guidelines.

What space Break requirements for a 14 Year Old working at McDonald’s?

You need to be noted a 30-minute having lunch break ~ you’ve operated 5 hrs consecutively while working at McDonald’s together a 14-year-old.

Regardless of specific age or job, any minor working much more than 5 hrs is required by legislation to obtain their 30-minute break.

Moreover, at McDonald’s, you should clock out prior to taking your break and not clock earlier in till your break is over.

Unfortunately, a lot of states have actually taken away the legal need to provide added breaks, even to minors, so your McDonald’s location could not market any extr 15-minute breaks.

How deserve to a 14 Year Old use for a project at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s supplies the capability for anyone to apply for a job through their website, which permits you to find for the store ar nearest to you.

In enhancement to online, you likewise can walk into your nearest McDonald’s and ask because that a document application come fill out if you’d prefer or if girlfriend don’t have actually Internet access.

However, it’s essential to remember that if she a young under period 18, her parents or legit guardian will need to sign your applications or fill out parts of the on your behalf.

Will a 14 Year Old need a work Permit to occupational At McDonald’s?

Not every 14-year-olds will require to get a occupational permit prior to they start working at McDonald’s, as it varies from one state come another.

Unfortunately, over there is no a federal mandate because that a occupational permit because that minors and it’s left approximately the department of labor on the state level.

Additionally, you have the right to head come the guidance counselor at your college to check out if you need a work permit and get a copy to start filling out.

In enhancement to that, you also can head come the room of labor website for her state to check out if your state needs it.

From there, you have the right to download or publish a copy of the job-related permit application to fill out at her convenience.

What information is essential for a occupational Permit application for McDonald’s?

There room some specific varieties of information you’ll have to fill the end the application for a occupational permit if she a minor.

Firstly, you’ll have to have your parental or legit guardian authorize the application offering their consent for you to job-related at McDonald’s.

Additionally, you’ll additionally have to have actually the potential McDonald’s ar sign off on your work-related permit.

Furthermore, you’re walk to need to visit your pediatrician and also have castle sign and date a certificate showing you’re able to work and also in great physical condition.

Lastly, friend will must also carry out your birth certificate so that your age is legitimate proven for the application to be approved.

Unfortunately, if friend don’t have actually a copy of her birth certificate climate you’ll have actually to contact the vital records office within her state to request a brand-new copy be mailed or choose up.

To understand more, you can also read our short articles on even if it is or not McDonald’s drug test, if McDonald’s payment weekly, and also if Walmart hires at 16.


McDonald’s does hire 14-year-olds in particular states, but someone the young can only apply and also be hired because that entry-level crew member work.

Furthermore, a young cannot work in dangerous jobs which way you’re walk to be very restricted on the activities you can do in your job and cannot operate the grill.

Additionally, there are federal legislations that border the hours a 14-year-old can work throughout the school week and school year, along with restrictions on how late you can work.

Subsequently, with kid labor legislations varying from one state to another, other additional guidelines because that minors could be possible.

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Most importantly, girlfriend should examine the State room of Labor where you live for additional guidance before applying for a job at your local McDonald’s if she 14.