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Applying for a task at food Lion is easy. Go come Click ‘Careers’ as you role to the bottom the the page. Pick ‘Jobs’. If you are an employee then you will be inquiry to go into your log In information. Choose ‘No’ together you room not an associate v the agency yet. Friend will discover yourself ~ above the ‘Search open up Job Page’. Fill out the type but picking the type of task that you desire to use for and jobs will display up based on your interests.

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Input the keywords that room closer come the location of the project that you are browsing for. Select the agency into i beg your pardon you space looking to apply (Food Lion), and also then select the exact organization unit whereby you can use as per her past expert experience. Once you fill the kind of job that you space looking for, send the form.The portal will certainly list under the accessible jobs and also you can apply to the ones the you feel would fit her skills. For us, we didn’t have much success using the keyword tool, so it’s likely better to just choose your location and look at all the outcomes for her area.Food Lion has more than 1,000 grocery store stores and also offers this most renowned jobs:Sales combine (Cashier)As a sales associate, girlfriend usually invest your day transporting out a variety of jobs. It all leads to providing an excellent customer experience.From being courteous to unloading groceries native carts to complying with correct bagging measures to scanning them and handing client gift cards and to administer assistance once needed, renders up your entirety day. Deli AssociateYou would primarily be tasked through keeping ideal cleanliness the the deli department, equipment and also maintain appropriate food handling/preparation. You will certainly be was standing 100% that the time, walking short distances.As this is the deli, there will certainly be periods of time working with heat (cookers) and cold (refrigerators) throughout your work.Stocker or facility Store (Grocery) AssociateAs a stocker you will be mostly responsible for keeping the shelves fully presentable and also full the items. You will certainly likely additionally be compelled to clean the shelves with a wet cloth, once stocking.You will additionally be responsible for the receiving portion of the items for the store.
You must be sensibly physically fit together you will certainly be lifting objects regularly. Food Lion Manager JobsBesides the above mentioned jobs, Food Lion has a perform of managerial jobs at this time available. These encompass replenishment managers, and customer company managers v a selection of responsibilities. As a ‘replenishment manager’, you take it the duty for shelf inventory management as well as for the in-stock position for our customers.Working with the department and also the keep for the to plan of occasions such as holidays or various other merchandising occasions is likewise a component of her job. Again, people skills are the key requirement.A ‘customer business manager’ is compelled to support the management and follow up with the duties that the operation of the store.It is the key responsibility to satisfy sales goals, construct associations and also develop an excellent customer relations. 

How lot Does Food Lion Pay? 


Hourly rates at Food Lion average at $10.36 rising to $50k annual salary. The minimum wage of a bagger/ stocker in ~ $7.66 every hour. At any kind of managerial level, the salary is salary and also annualized.As a comparison Target provides an median of $12.57 and Walmart provides an mean of $12.22.Food Lion supplies a selection of benefits related to health and wellness insurance and also wellness, financial and also retirement benefits, family and parenting benefits, vacation and also time turn off discounts and also professional support. These Benefits, however, space only accessible if you room a manager/customer lead.Some that the most famous jobs have the complying with rates:Deli Associate $9.21 every hourCake decorator $11.27 every hourCashier (Retail) $10.60 per hourCustomer business Representative $11.93 per hourWarehouse worker $14.70 every hourOffice Assistant $9.80 every hourAssistant save Manager $47,662 per year 

How Old execute You need to Be To work At Food Lion?


Senior level jobs typically require girlfriend to be of 18 years, at least, along with relevant experience. The 16 year olds can apply for the following jobs at Food Lion:CashierStockerStore associate

Does Food Lion medicine test?

Food Lion no much longer does pre-employment screening and drug tests. Only when workers space suspected of possession, they room tested. If they to be to conduct a drug test because of suspicion, be affected by each other in psychic they may likewise run background checks.

Possible Food Lion Interview questions & advice (Stocker, Deli, Cashier …)

If you landing an interview at Food Lion then here is what you need to expect from her interview. Common interview inquiries touch top top various facets of customer service, computation, manual labour, and availability. Few of the common interview concerns are:Why perform you desire to work-related for Food Lion?Food Lion is all around inclusion and also diversity and also their vision is obtaining extraordinary results by serving their customers, associates, shareholders and communities. We would certainly suggest that you should describe how passionate friend are around serving the community and also providing lull to people. Explain an ext about exactly how you deserve to add an ext value to their customer business or to work by sustaining with brand-new and engaging principles to make the solutions better. Don’t usage the traditional answer, ‘I am seeking a new challenge.’What go customer service mean to you?Customer organization is everything in a retail business like Food Lion. If you have previous experience, girlfriend can point out a time where you satisfied her customer. Read the project description and tailor her answer accordingly.How flexible is her schedule/ hrs you can work?Be honest! don’t promise if you can not deliver; it is in straight and upfront; in ~ the very same time, don’t shot to demand unreasonable hours. You need to make sacrifices because that your brand-new career.Other conventional interview concerns for many candidates include: strengths and weaknesses, expectation of working for Food Lion, career purposes etc. 

Food Lion rental Process

Expect to have a 30 minute or less interview when applying for an entry level job (Cashier, Deli, Stocker). The interview will most likely be excellent by among the active managers because that the area you’re using to.How perform I inspect my application status?Usually, that takes one applicant one week or so come hear back. This period can it is in shorter.How long does it take to obtain hired from start to finish?Expect the entire procedure to take a main on average, however depending top top the keep you may have to wait 2-3 weeks. After ~ going in for your interview, many people are rental on the spot and begin training once the schedule is set.How lengthy is the training?It counts on the applicant and also the job, yet the training frequently takes between 1 and also 3 weeks of shadowing another staff member.

How to dress for your Food Lion interview?

Interviews demand attention to detail. You have to wear sensible and also formal business attire with a well-groomed appearance.Be mindful that you may be compelled to cut or trim for specific jobs. Food Lion likewise selects candidates based on their personalities. Applicants with an extroverted personality outperform various other candidates throughout the rental process.

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