Ohio-based restaurant chain Bob Evans began as a sausage manufacturer in the mid-1940s prior to eventually cultivation into a massive, local enterprise consists of approximately 600 places throughout the Midwest and also Atlantic regions. As popularity continues to grow, the restaurant consistently looks come add new employees, with position accessible in both part-time and full-time capacities.

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Facts about Working in ~ Bob Evans

Minimum age to occupational at Bob Evans: 16 years old (How old execute you have to be to work at Bob Evans?)

Bob Evans hrs of Operation: open up every day: 6:00am-10:00pm

Available positions at Bob Evans: Cashier, Server, Host/Hostess, Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search job Openings or visit main site.

Bob Evans job Opportunities

Bob Evans to represent a sound possibility for entry-level workers to gain industry suffer while working for a family-oriented company. The restaurant chain areas high importance on work values in relationship to traditional, household sentiments. Applicants must demonstrate friendly, attentive, courteous, and also personable attitudes during the hiring process to obtain employment consideration. Prospective associates must likewise embody several characteristics of character, consisting of fairness and also teamwork.

Hourly positions available with the significant restaurant chain encompass six areas of employment. Employees may select from entry-level project titles in serving, hosting, dishwashing, and also food prep. Bob Evans jobs likewise include career alternatives in management. Experience working through the general public generally proves a standard necessity for hire. However, potential employee may get employment there is no formal endure for many entry-level positions.

Bob Evans Employment and also Pay Scales

While entry-level restaurant jobs usually only need applicants to possess previous and also related endure at most, careers in administration enforce stricter qualifications because that employment consideration. Project seekers must hold a high college diploma and stand at the very least 19 years of period to occupational as managers. The popular chain also requires supervisors to possess a minimum of 2 to 4 years of endure in a family-oriented restaurant setting. Entry-level employed staff hopefuls need only stand 16 years of age. Typical jobs because that hire encompass the ones noted below:

HostHosts chair guests and greet patrons ~ above arrival.Hourly incomes for hosts space minimum wage, yet may be boosted with tenure.Individuals the possess strong people skills and patience are urged to apply.ServerServers lug food and also drinks come tables and also take orders.Server wages differ by location, however land close to $5.00 hourly in addition to gratuities.The knack for remaining on optimal of the work pack while staying pleasant and also upbeat creates best candidates.CookKitchen prep and also grill cook employees prepare food and also drink because that consumption.A chef has a beginning pay rate close to $9.00.Prior endure working v kitchen equipment and also prepping food orders give job seekers an benefit when applying for a Bob Evans’ cook position.

Tips because that Applying

Demonstrating family values throughout the interview process probably serves as the finest course of activity for applicants feather to occupational at the popular restaurant chain. Bob Evans takes pride in basing work on family-centric traditions. Potential associates have to embody truthful, attentive, genial, and kind characteristics in order to obtain employment. Together a restaurant chain entertaining guests at all hrs of the day, the eatery likewise favors people with functional schedules. Applicants should note open accessibility where appropriate on the required employment creates to indicate the capacity to adhere to varied work-related schedules.

Application Status

The swift rental proceedings imposed by Bob Evans restaurants often negates the need of check back regarding employment status. On average, the hiring procedure wraps up within a week. The restaurant typically conducts hiring on a rolling, as-needed basis and pulls applications once openings come to be available. Applicants might decide to call the place of preferred employment after ~ submitting the required application forms if no initial contact occurs with hiring staff. The chain usually keeps applications on file for months at a time.

Benefits of functioning at Bob Evans

Family-oriented work environments enrich the lives of Bob Evans employees and also offer sound starting blocks because that entry-level associates. Workers gain supportive settings centered on personal and expert growth, competitive salary scales, paid training, and opportunities for promo from within. Standard employees likewise enjoy job benefits like:

401(k) retirement plansstock purchase programs holiday payannual bonuseseducational assistancemedical & dentist insurance.

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Additional info on Bob Evans

Bob Evans bases work on five main pillars: Teamwork, Sales, Execution, raised Returns, and Improved Margins. Employees working for the restaurant chain have to work to ensure the achievement of all 5 goals ~ above a everyday basis. The team-oriented settings of each location enable workers to pull with each other in order to accomplish corporate directives and undertake managerial assignments while tending to customers. Household values sit in ~ the facility of the five goals of operations, specifically in regards to execution of daily tasks, and associates need to continually job-related up come the standards in order to fit in with company culture.

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