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present your child it’s normal, and also not scary come wear a mask. Shutterstock

2. Empathise through their feelings

If your kid is wake up to undertake a mask, you have the right to empathise with their feelings. No one likes attract masks. Children rely on face gestures to communicate, and also many have sensory concerns that can make put on masks uncomfortable. Reflecting back to your child that you know this is tough for them help them feel understood.

Find out why castle don’t desire to wear a mask. It might be they get sore ears or a headache. If so, masks that tie behind the head deserve to be helpful. If that fogged glasses, a far better fitting mask, or a mask clip, may help.

The internet is complete of mask hacking to aid make masks an ext comfortable. Some are as basic as using hair clips in the loops to prolong the size of the mask.

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3. Help them understand the science

Kids might be more willing come wear a mask if they know why they need to. When youngsters understand why a behaviour is essential to their health, lock are much more likely come comply. Older children may it is in interested in the scientific research of mask wearing.

There are many resources — including easy to know YouTube videos — that have the right to help.

You could get your youngsters to watch a video, prefer this one.

Remind your youngsters that doing things they want, prefer seeing their friends in ~ school, counts on lock wearing a mask.

4. Do it a game

Younger kids may be assisted by make the mask put on a bit of a game, which can include consisting of silly poems around wearing masks. Or you could encourage your boy to watch themselves together a superhero protecting rather by attract a mask.

Younger kids can imagine they’re a superhero help others.

You could also give your son the opportunity to pick a mask or decorate your own, turning it into a handmade activity. This will make the kid comfortable v the mask and also give lock a feeling of property over it.

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5. Ask others because that help

Children require great fine motor an abilities to placed on, and keep on, a mask. If you want your child to be wearing a mask at school, you can talk come the teacher, teacher aide or guidance officer to watch if they deserve to help.

Teachers can make sure the mask is top top properly, and assist your kid to adjust the mask together needed.

For youngsters with a disability

If her child has actually a learning disability, developmental delay or is top top the autism spectrum, asking them come wear a mask, and also keep that on, might be harder.

Making it a game or do it funny may additionally work for these children. And also there’s proof that tolerance training, wherein you progressively expose your son to mask wearing giving praise once the boy is may be to complete a step, can help.

But it might be difficult to pressure compliance and it may be dangerous in part circumstances. There are exemptions for human being who have any type of medical condition that provides wearing masks unsuitable.


You could ask a teacher to help your boy wear their mask appropriately at school. Shutterstock

Lastly, ask you yourself these questions

If your son isn’t legally forced to undertake a mask, but you’re still wondering, ask yourself these questions:

are there high levels of virus in mine community?

is my son going to be at home with negative ventilation and lots that people?

does my child have a medical problem that can make COVID-19 an ext risky for them or room they going come be around people who have a medical condition that provides them much more susceptible to COVID-19?

If the answer to any type of of these concerns are “yes”, that would certainly lend load to encouraging mask wearing.

If the answer to any type of of these concerns are “no”, this would certainly lend weight in the direction of not inquiry mask wearing.

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But if your son is under 12, or has a developmental or an additional kind the disability, it’s likewise important to take into consideration whether they deserve to put the mask on and also take it off safely through themselves, and whether friend or who else can supervise castle while they space wearing a mask. If not, it may be better they nothing wear one.