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The individual services have collection the following maximum ages for non-prior service enlistment.

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active Duty None-Prior organization

Navy: 34Marines:28Coast Guard: period 27. However, the period can be increased to age 32 because that those selected to to visit A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mainly for former service).

Some programs in ~ the branches the service additionally require age boundaries to begin training. For instance, the navy Pilot is 27 years old. Navy SEAL maximum period is 28. For marine SWCC, the maximum age is 30. Of course, all have a waiver variety for highly qualified applicants. 

reserve Non-Prior company

Army Reserves: 35Army national Guard: 35 Air force Reserve: 34Air national Guard: 40 Naval Reserves: 39Marine Corps Reserve: 29Coast security Reserves: 39

period Waivers because that Enlistment

Age waivers for non-prior organization enlistments are an extremely rare. Generally, these are approved for those who started the enlistment process within the forced age borders but were unable to finish the process and ship to straightforward training prior to their birthday. In these cases, just a pair of months of period was waived. However, in a people of the raised need for specific skills, the military will waive prospective candidates and also even recruit human being with language, cyber, medical, or other an abilities to surname a few. 

For specific professional tasks within the armed forces like nurse, doctor, lawyer, or chaplain, the age limit can go much higher depending ~ above the requirements of the military.

There have actually been year in the Navy wherein Catholic priests, surgeons, and also nurses have actually joined well into their forties and even your fifties to to fill the demands of the Navy, especially throughout wartime deployments.

Prior company Enlistments

The period limit for prior company enlistment for most of the branches is the same as above, other than that one individual"s full previous army time can be subtracted indigenous their current age. Because that example, if an individual has 4 years of credible military service in the maritime Corps and also wants to join the wait Force. The wait Force might waive the individual"s preferably enlistment period to age 31 (Maximum period of 27 because that the wait Force, plus 4 years credible business in the Marines). The very same is true for various other programs in ~ the military, also the unique operations program that often tend to seek younger candidates.

For the naval Corps and also the naval Corps Reserve, the maximum period of enlistment for prior company is 32, after computing the prior-service age adjustment.

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For the Army and also Air national National Guard, the maximum age for prior organization enlistment is 59, as long as the member has sufficient years of prior company to be able to complete 20 years of creditable business for retirement by age 60.