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If your boy is under 2, the answer is no. Here"s how specialists recommend maintaining your baby or toddler for sure in areas with high COVID-19 transmission.
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In order to protect against the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the all human being 2 and up wear confront masks in indoor public settings and when around those who don’t live in their family members if they are not completely vaccinated; completely vaccinated in an area v high COVID-19 transmission; or completely vaccinated and also have dilute immune systems.

For these people, wearing confront masks in indoor public setups is important, because studies present that a far-ranging number of civilization with COVID-19 space asymptomatic, definition they don"t have symptoms, but can quiet transmit the virus to others.

If you’re the parental of a young childwho can"t however be vaccinated, the CDC"s recommendation might raise some questions, such as: Why can"t babies and young toddlers wear challenge masks? and how need to young kids stay for sure in public setups without a mask?

Why shouldn"t babies and also toddlers wear challenge masks?

If your son is under the age of 2, the CDC claims he shouldn’t stay a confront mask, in component because he might struggle come breathe v one.

Infants and younger toddlers have actually smaller airways and also aren’t able to vocalize if they can’t breathe well. “If they have trouble breathing while wearing the mask, lock can"t tell friend they"re having trouble breathing,” states Patricia Garcia, M.D., a doctor at Connecticut Children"s hospital.

Some masks could also pose a choke hazard, states Ashanti Woods, M.D., a pediatrician at Baltimore"s Mercy clinical Center. For example, the strings top top some challenge masks could be dangerous because that babies.

What’s more, countless babies and also toddlers would likely try to remove a challenge mask if one was placed on.

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How must babies and toddlers stay safe in publicly settings?

In a perfect world, if you resided in an area v high COVID-19 transmission, you’d save your boy away native public locations like the grocery keep or pharmacy.
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