Some films from the "80s really don"t age well. There"s no question about it. And also 1989"s Heathers may simply be one of them. While the Michael Lehmann directed movie has facets that don"t date well, it"s tho a great film and well-worth the town hall at least once. The story the revenge versus the renowned Heather girls yes, really strikes nerves (both an excellent and bad) but it also featured a stand-out performance by Winona Ryder the made she a cult figure. Winona knows how critical this movie has been come the formulation of she career. Much more than that, she for sure "LOOOOVES" Heathers, follow to a tell-all write-up by entertain Weekly.

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"If it’s on TV, i watch it. I’ve more than likely seen the 50 times. Like, I deserve to do it by heart," Winona Ryder said Entertainment Weekly.

Daniel Waters" script really to win a chord with Winona because of its refreshingly dark and also honest tone. It to be a distinct contrast to the man Hughes movie in the genre high-school-based genre. The movie was perfect for Winona, yet not anyone on the production team assumed she would certainly be the finest choice. Here"s the truth about the movies casting...

Winona Wasn"t The an initial Choice because that The role Of Veronica

instead of Winona Ryder, the filmmakers behind 1989"s Heathers were concentrated on 2 other significant stars of the 1980s, the stunning Jennifer Connelly and Justine Bateman. But both Jennifer and also Justine garbage the protagonist role in the Michael Lehmann command flick. So, lock turned to Winona Ryder that was usually unknown. She had actually just perfect filming Beetlejuice v Tim Burton but was anything yet a star yet.

"I to be like, "The girl native Lucas? She’s just not attractive!"", Daniel Waters admitted come Entertainment Weekly.

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"You have to understand, at the time, ns didn’t watch that different from my personality in Beetlejuice," Winona Ryder said. "I was very pale. I had actually blue-black dyed hair. I saw Macy’s in ~ the Beverly Center and also had them do a makeover on me."

yet the an initial time the she shooting on set, the director knew that she was absolutely a star, and also so go the screenwriter.

"You can not overvalue exactly how much Winona meant to this movie," Daniel Waters stated. "In mine initial drafts, Veronica was much much more evil and also twisted. I referred to her as a woman Travis Bickle native Taxi Driver. And also suddenly you rewriting with Winona in mind, and Veronica becomes much more of one audience surrogate."

while Winona to be initially attracted to the role, she agent at the time was absolutely against it...

"My certified dealer at the moment ­literally obtained on she knees and also begged me no to perform . She had actually her hand together, and also she goes, "You will never. Work. Again." we parted means later," Winona said.

"Winona to be so smart. She to be fifteen, she turned sixteen on the movie," producer Denise Di Novi said. "She was a prodigy. Indigenous a an extremely young age, she to be an old soul. She really acquired the words and also the imagery. She had actually watched tons of old movies. She was really sophisticated intellectually. She had actually the beauty of Veronica. She had actually the intelligence. She was just the perfect anti-Heather."

The remainder Of The Casting

the course, Winona Ryder wasn"t the just star the Heathers. Firstly, there to be the personality of J.D., i beg your pardon was illustrated by Christian Slater, Carrie Lynn"s Martha, and then the Heathers themselves.

"I really wanted to cast Heather Graham , and also her parental wouldn’t allow her execute it," manager Michael Lehmann said. "She to be 16 or 17. I even talked come Heather’s mommy at an excellent length to convince her us weren’t tools of Satan, and she would have actually nothing the it. I really tried. I mean, ns begged her. Heather’s analysis was just great. Then the casting director said, "Well, Kim Walker can be good. She doesn’t have actually a lot of experience, but…""

that course, Kim finished up obtaining the role and to be superb. Then came little House ~ above the Prairie and also Our house star Shannen Doherty.

"When Shannen come in, pulled me aside and said, "This girl is really good, however she desires Veronica." and also I said, "We’ve currently cast Winona." and also they said, "She to know that. She’s willing to review the Heather fight it out part, but she simply wants friend to know that’s not the component she wants." She was remarkable in the reading. I think she actually came in hoping wednesday think she was so great that wednesday just provide her the Veronica role," Michael claimed of Shannen.

as for the final Heather, pagan McNamara, that role went to the incredibly successful child model Lisanne Falk, who actually maintained her older age quiet as soon as auditioning for the role.

"I stated I to be 18 or 19 in the audition. After ~ I obtained the part, we had actually this solemn event dinner, and also I said something about how mine boyfriend and also I were living best down the street indigenous the set. And also they’re like, "Your mom’s okay with that?" and also I’m like, "You guys recognize I’m 23, right?" and also they all were like, ! I can just watch the panic," Lisanne Falk said.

Luckily, Lisanne"s age didn"t matter, Shannen gained the function the filmmakers feeling she was appropriate for, and Winona absolutely killed it (no pun intended) in the top part.

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