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Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold. Walt Disney Television/Getty photos Savage to be 12 once he was cast as Kevin, the focus of "The Wonder Years," which was about the Arnold family and their friends dealing with the turoulend "60s and "70s, all narrated by one adult variation of Kevin. The present lasted 6 seasons and also 115 episodes, and also Kevin to be the in ~ the love of the all.

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Savage became the youngest person to ever receive an Emmy nomination for impressive lead actor in a comedy collection when he to be 13.

The year prior to "The Wonder Years" was released, Savage got a taste the fame when he showed up in "The Princess Bride" as the grandson who was homesick and also listening come his grandfather tell the story that the film. He was also in "The Twilight Zone."

In "The Wonder Years" reboot, i beg your pardon premieres on abc on September 22, the Kevin analogue will certainly be play by Elisha Williams, and also he is called Dean Williams. The show follows a Black, middle-class family in Alabama throughout the very same time period.

Savage has made fairly the career because that himself together a TV director, despite he does occasionally act together well.


Fred Savage in 2019. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU photo Bank/Getty photos

Savage, 45, took a rest from acting after the show ended to attend high school and also college. Once he graduated, he appeared in various TV shows for one-episode parts, favor "Boy Meets World" (which starred his younger brother, Ben), "The external Limits," and "Law & Order: SVU." He additionally voiced the man octopus Oswald because that the Nick Jr. Show of the exact same name.

But mainly, he concentrated on directing and also producing. Savage has actually directed episodes because that dozens of TV shows, including "Phil the the Future," "Unfabulous," "It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia" (which he likewise produces), "Modern Family," "Casual," "Black-ish," and also more. He likewise directed the attribute film "Daddy job Camp." In 2020, he directed episodes of Netflix holiday series "Dash & Lily."

Savage went back to acting more frequently in 2015 when he co-starred on "The Grinder," alongside Rob Lowe. He also starred in the 2017 Netflix series "Friends native College" and 2019"s parody after-show "What simply Happened??! through Fred Savage."

Additionally, he"s producing and also directing episodes of "The Wonder Years" reboot.


Dan Lauria together Jack Arnold. Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Jack to be a korean War vet and, typically speaking, a conservative man. Lot of the show"s conflicts were in between Jack and also his daughter, Karen, a hippie. He operated for the armed forces (at first), however later began his own business structure custom furniture. The show"s epilogue revealed the Jack passed away two years after the collection finale, when Kevin to be a freshman in college.

Lauria was also a veteran in real life, albeit of the Vietnam War. Before "The Wonder Years," that had appeared in "80s shows favor "LA Law," "Growing Pains," and also "Cagney & Lacey," but his huge break was playing Jack.

The Williams patriarch, Bill, will be play by Dulé Hill in the reboot.


Dan Lauria in 2020. Albert L. Ortega/Getty images

Lauria, 74, has continued to pat gruff dad figures and also leaders throughout his career, indigenous "Party the Five" to "Law & Order" to "This Is Us," in i beg your pardon he play Toby"s father. He additionally had a recurring duty in "Blue Bloods" together the FDNY commissioner, and also starred in the three-season sitcom, "Sullivan & Son" together Steve Byrne.

Most recently, he appeared in the 2020 Ben Affleck film, "The method Back" and the Netflix rom-com "Holidate."

He additionally appeared on Broadway in the musical adaptation the "A Christmas Story."

Alley Mills in 1989. Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty pictures

Norma was the sweeter and friendlier equivalent to Jack"s gruffness. Over the food of the series, she goes earlier to college to get her university degree and also begins working at a software start-up, since she wasn"t contents as a housewife, mirroring the climb of feminism in the "60s.

Pre-"The Wonder Years," Mills remained in plenty of TV movies and also sitcoms choose "Newhart," "Moonlighting," and "Punky Brewster," amongst others.

The Norma character, named Lillian, is play by Saycon Sengbloh.

Alley Mills in 2018. Phillip Faraone/WireImage/Getty photos

Right ~ "The Wonder Years," Mills, currently 70, had a recurring function on "Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman." However, her many famous role of the last two decades has to be Pam Douglas ~ above "The Bold and the Beautiful." She play Pam native 2006 with 2019 and returned in 2021.

In 2019, she likewise appeared on 2 episodes the "Teachers."

Olivia d'Abo together Karen Arnold. Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Karen to be the prototypical free-spirited hippie throughout her run on the show, which to be the an initial four seasons. Her character was created off the present when she moved in through her boyfriend throughout freshman year of university (played by a pre-"Friends" David Schwimmer). The two eventually got married and also moved to Alaska, finishing her time on the show.

D"Abo, appeared in major films choose "Conan the Destroyer" and "Bolero" before joining "The Wonder Years."

In the reboot, Dean"s sister Kim will certainly be played by Laura Kariuki.

Olivia d'Abo in 2019. Gabe Ginsberg/Getty photos

D"Abo, 52, has ongoing acting in films and on TV, however she"s most famous now for she voice acting. She voiced woman in "The Legend the Tarzan," Jedi grasp Luminara Unduli in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," and also Black Widow in multiple Avengers cartoons. She reprised the function of Luminara in "Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker."

She"s likewise appeared in shows favor "Law & Order," "Elementary," "Jane the Virgin," and also "Psych." D"Abo is also a musician and also released one album in 2008. She co-hosted the podcast "Every Friday through Dan and Olivia" indigenous 2015 come 2018.

Jason Hervey played Kevin's older brothers Wayne, who commonly bullied Kevin and also his girlfriend Paul.

Jason Hervey together Wayne Arnold. Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Wayne was her prototypical obnoxious enlarge brother who constantly bullied his younger brother. As the present went on, he gradually matured, and in the critical season that gets right into a serious connection with a divorced woman named Bonnie, but she eventually leaves him come go back to her ex-husband, leaving him heartbroken. It"s revealed he takes end his father"s furniture store after Jack dies.

Before that starred on "The Wonder Years," Hervey had recurring duties in "Diff"rent Strokes," "Fast Times," and also "Wildside."

In the reboot, Dean does have an enlarge brother, however he"s offer in Vietnam and is unseen.

Jason Hervey in 2010. Frederick M. Brown/Getty photos

Hervey, 49, sporadically acted until 2004. However, he has showed up as himself numerous times on mirrors that capitalize top top "80s nostalgia prefer "Battle the the Network Stars," "Confessions the a teenager Idol," "Scott Baio is 45... And also Single," and also "Whatever happened To?"

He also was in public relations for a few years, and he founded a manufacturing company, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, in 2003. The closed in 2019.

mockery Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer. Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

They were best friends in the show, but Kevin and Paul flourished apart. Paul was shown to be exceptionally smart, and also the finale revealed the Paul attended Harvard and became a lawyer.

"The Wonder Years" to be Saviano"s an initial role, and during the present he didn"t do lot other acting. One of his just other credits is the 1990 TV movie "Camp Cucamonga."

For the brand-new reboot, the best friend character is called Brad, and also he"s play by Julian Lerner.

Paul's career an option was a nod to Saviano, that retired from acting in real life to pursue a regulation career.

mock Saviano in 2018. Lars Niki/Getty images for Saks fifth Avenue

Much like Paul, Saviano, 45, to visit an Ivy league school (Yale, no Harvard), and became a lawyer. "The Wonder Years" was his very first and last huge role.

After a 21-year break, Savianoreturned to exhilaration for a three-episode insignificant on "Law & Order: SVU" as, friend guessed it, a lawyer named Don Taft.

Saviano and Savage are still friends today, as checked out on Instagram.

Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper. Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Forget Cory and Topanga, the original teen relationship objectives were Kevin and also Winnie. Native the show"s an initial episode as soon as Kevin comforts Winnie after she brother die in Vietnam, fans were obsessed through their young love — i m sorry is why many fans to be distraught once adult Kevin revealed he married someone else, despite he retained in touch v Winnie his totality life.

McKellar"s huge break was "The Wonder Years." Her just credits before the present were two episodes the "The Twilight Zone." She appeared alongside Saviano in "Camp Cucamonga."

Of course, there can be no "Wonder Years" without crushes — Dean has actually a gigantic crush top top Keisa Clemmons, played by Milan Ray.

Danica McKellar in 2019. Jim Spellman/Getty pictures

McKellar, 46, has actually said she found it complicated to switch from child to adult acting roles. Today, she"s finest known for she Hallmark and Lifetime movies. She likewise starred in Netflix"s educational children"s collection "Project Mc2" as the Quail, an intelligence agent because that a fictitious government firm called NOV8.

In 2021, she"s walking to be a referee on a new reality series called "Domino Masters" on Fox.

But even cooler is McKellar"s career as a mathematician. She"s written several math books targeted towards young girl to help encourage them to go after STEM and also other math-related careers. Her publications include "Math Doesn"t Suck: exactly how to Survive middle School mathematics without shedding Your psychic or breaking a Nail," "Kiss mine Math: showing Pre-Algebra Who"s Boss," and "Girls acquire Curves: Geometry bring away Shape."

Daniel Stern in 1991. Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Stern voiced adult Kevin every throughout the show, despite he to be uncredited. He did, however, direct 10 episodes of the show, together well.

He"s best known because that his function as Marv, one of the dimwitted house invaders in Christmas standard "Home Alone" and also its sequel, however he had been a functioning actor for years before his voiceover gig. His function as Phil in both "City Slickers" films is additionally widely known.

Stern and also his on-screen younger equivalent Fred Savage co-starred in the 1989 movie "Little Monsters" together, this time together father and son.

None various other than Don Cheadle is acquisition over for Stern in the reboot.

Daniel Stern in 2018. Michael Tullberg/Getty images

Stern, 64, many recently showed up in the an initial season the "Shrill." He"s also popped increase in the Netflix series "Love," the Netflix film "Game Over, Man!," "Workaholics," "Angie Tribeca," and also more.

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Stern is also an achieved sculptor. You have the right to learn much more about his art on his website.