Willow Smith"s an individual Life

Willow blacksmith (Camile regime Smith) was born ~ above the 31st the October, 2000, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was born to the famed actor will certainly Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She has two elder brothers, Jaden and Trey Smith.

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Willow attended Sierra Canyon school and new Village management School in Los Angeles, California.

Willow is single at the moment, however she insurance claims she is bisexual. She has presented interest in going right into a polyamorous partnership soon.

Willow Smith"s Career

Willow Smith"s rise to stardom was because of the affect of she parents and elder brother, Jaden. She took to acting as soon as she was simply seven year old. Her first debut movie was "I to be A Legend," in which she plot alongside she father. She also featured in "Kittridge: an American Girl"in 2008.

Her music career was flagged off with the relax of "Whip mine Hair"in 2010. She went on to release songs favor "21st Century Girl," "Why Don"t friend Cry,""Wait a Minute," and "Transparent Soul."

Willow has actually won numerous awards, specific "Young Artist Awards,""BET Awards,""NAACP Awards,"and "VEVO Certified Awards,"to cite a few.

Willow has a handful of followers on society media. She Instagram account (
willowsmith) has actually over 8 million followers, with her YouTube channel (
willowsmith) accumulating more than 1 million subscribers.

She has actually a net worth of around $5 million.

How Old is pasture Smith"s age Exactly?

How Old is pasture Smith"s age Exactly? (bbc)

Willow Smith"s exact age depends top top the present year. Willow was born top top the 31st the October, 2000. Her birthday is on the 31st the October every year.

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Summary of willow Smith"s Age

The table below highlights an important information you should know about Willow Smith.

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Parameters Points to Note
Real Name Willow Camille regime Smith
Alias Willow Smith
Date the Birth On the 31st that October 2000
Place that Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Parent Name Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith
Sibling(s) Jaden Smith,Trey blacksmith
Nationality American
Education Sierra Canyon School, Los Angeles,New village Leadership Academy, California
Occupation Singer, Actress, Rapper, and Dancer
Relationship(s) Single
Award(s) Young Artist Awards (2009),NAACP picture Awards (2011),O Music Awards (2011),BET Awards (2011),MP3 Music Awards (2012),VEVO Certified Awards (2014),The 2016 Fashion Awards (2016),
Instagram following 8.3 million
Facebook following 9 million
YouTube Subscribers 1.61 million
Net precious $5 million
Zodiac sign Scorpio


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