Smith has actually been performing since she to be a young girl and her appreciation because that her previous work has actually only grown due to the fact that then.Myles Loftin for L'Officiel
Willow blacksmith came right into her own with she 2010 debut solitary "Whip my Hair." The daughter of Hollywood stars will Smith and also Jada Pinkett blacksmith was simply 9 years old once she videotaped the infectious R&B song, which urges girls to whip your hair as they shower haters off.

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Though "Whip my Hair" later thrived to be a source of embarrassment because that her, the singer, 20, told L"Officiel newspaper she now embraces the song"s necessary self-love message. "For for this reason long, I wanted to condemn the time of my life and forget it, just kind of press it under the rug,” claimed Smith. “I really regretted it."

Willow smith performed "Whip mine Hair" at Nickelodeon's 24th yearly Kids' an option Awards top top April 2, 2011, in Los Angeles.Matt Sayles / AP

Since then, she"s establish "Whip mine Hair" fits right in — at the very least thematically — through the the pop-punk songs that appear on she upcoming album, "Lately ns Feel Everything," obtainable July 16.

“I realized that the contents in my songs has constantly been centered about self-love and also the universe and also our humanity’s magnificent path, about expressing oneself and being unapologetic,” she explained. “I listened to ‘Whip mine Hair’ no too lengthy ago, after countless years, and realized the it’s the very same message. I’m no saying anything that’s against my values, and also on optimal of that, ns saying things that space in harmony v my values."

Nearly 11 year after her debut solitary "Whip mine Hair" was released, smith is releasing her fifth studio album, "Lately ns Feel Everything," in July.Myles Loftin for L'Officiel

Smith continued, "I type of just had a huge aha and was like, ‘Yo, don’t condemn this side of her life since it gave you a structure and a platform and a pan base the so countless loving people who have actually been by my side v this entirety crazy, topsy-turvy journey that I’ve had."

"Now, ns would never take it back," she added.

Willow smith is the cover star of L'Officiel's July 2021 issue.Myles Loftin for L'Officiel

Smith likewise opened up around what a dream come true it is for her, as a black woman, to do rock music.

The singer recalled touring v her mom"s nu-metal band, wicked Wisdom, for years as a child. Despite Pinkett Smith, 49, sometimes challenged intense racism together a black woman fronting a hard rock band, she modeled for her daughter a powerful means to handle detractors.


“Obviously, she was scared," Smith claimed of observing Pinkett blacksmith on the road. "But she really showed me what "womaning up" really was, by acquisition a stance and also not being afraid of various other people’s judgements and also perceptions."

Though her very own music is nowhere together pummeling together Wicked Wisdom — who newly reunited on an illustration of Pinkett Smith"s on facebook Watch talk present "Red Table Talk" — Smith stated she"s proud come be complying with in she mom"s footsteps.

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“I just wanted to satisfy that desire the I had actually ever due to the fact that I to be 10 or 12 of singing rock music, of gift a Black woman singing rock music,” she said.



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