For nearly 90 years, Willie Nelson and also his larger sister Bobbie have been by every other's political parties while celebrating their success.

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After Bobbie officially joined her brother's band as the group’s pianist in 1973, Willie Nelson and also Family was born. Since then, they've performed much more than a hundred shows a year, native honky-tonks to sold-out arenas.

"When we get into the music, other happens," Bobbie, 89, tells "There's magic between me and Willie."

For the very first time, Willie, a 10-Grammy winner, and Bobbie ("the many naturally talented of all the Nelsons," Willie says) phone call their previously untold story in a brand-new joint memoir, Me and Sister Bobbie: True story of the household Band.



In 1986, Bobbie learned her son Michael was diagnosed v HIV. She took treatment of her kid for 3 years before he died from AIDS. As soon as she believed she couldn't feeling lower, her earliest son Randy died in a single-vehicle accident 6 months later. Together Bobbie grieved for she sons, Willie's earliest son Billy died in an accident the adhering to year.

"I didn't really arrangement to share few of the points I shared," Bobbie says around her decision come tell her sometimes heartbreaking story. "There's a lot of things that happened throughout our lives, ns would've never thought the explaining come someone. And now the it's happened, there's no anything because that me to say except tell someone that you deserve to survive.'"

"There's some points in there the I know and I didn't really care to talk about," he speak "I'm kind of a forgive, forget and move on kind of guy, and I don't really prefer to go back to the much."

"It wasn’t that we had actually long talks about our grief. That's not Willie's way. We didn't need to talk around it. Us knew," Bobbie shares in their book. "I knew what Willie was going through. The knew just how I to be suffering. And also the mere truth of being with each other made the burden a little lighter."



For now, the 87-year-old Texas troubadour prefers to share his feelings v music and also on stage, which to be taken from that in March after ~ the pandemic struck the country.

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Willie has in mental a brand-new Year's eve show, ushering in Bobbie's 90th date of birth on Jan. 1. "She's my closest friend for a whole lifetime," the says. "I'm glad she's obtaining some acknowledgment for what she's done with her life."

To review an excerpt indigenous their book Me and Sister Bobbie: True story of the household Band, pick up this week's worry of, on newsstands Friday.


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