PAT Sajak and also Vanna White have actually been the faces of Wheel of happiness for practically two decades, but there were two hosts who came before them.

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The longtime game show has to be a clip of American television since it first debuted.


Wheel of fortune first premiered in 1975, and the network variation of the show was hosted by chuck Woolery and also Susan Stafford.

They hosted the show from 1975 till 1981.

According to Paley Matters, the two finished up leaving end a salary problem with the show’s creator, Merv Griffin, and also NBC.

Woolery want his salary to walk from $5,000 every week to $10,000 every week,


Chuck Woolery held Wheel of luck for 6 years in the beforehand daysCredit: Rex

Griffin readily available $7,500 and also NBC claimed they would pay the rest, but that offer was rescinded as soon as Griffin endangered to move the display to CBS.

Woolery left the display after his last episode ~ above December 25, 1981.

Stafford left the display to assist cancer patients in Houston, Texas. She created a publication called “Stop the Wheel, I want to get Off!” regarding her time on the show.

”I mean, for seven years i stood there and also turned letters. I had actually to questioning myself if that was any method for a grown woman to live her life,” Stafford said the Chicago Tribune.

Who space the hosts of Wheel the Fortune?

For 39 years, Pat Sajak has to be the organize of Wheel of Fortune.

He joined "America's game" in 1981, ago when the show aired on network daytime television.

For his occupational on the video game show, Sajak has received 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy compensation for impressive Game display Host, which that won three times.

Sajak's co-host is Vanna White, who has actually been the hostess of the game show due to the fact that 1982.


Pat Sajak and also Vanna WhiteCredit: Wheel the Fortune

Since her debut top top Wheel of Fortune, White has showed up in much more than 7,000 episodes of the renowned game show.

For her job-related on Wheel the Fortune, White was honored v a star top top the Hollywood go of fame in April 2006.

In 2018, White to be inducted right into the NAB Broadcasting room of Fame, in addition to Sajak, executive, management producer take care of Friedman and also the game display itself.

Jim Thornton came to be the voice that Wheel the Fortune when he join the game display as the announcer in 2011.

What historic prize walk a Wheel of luck contestant win?

Laura Trammell stays in Orange County, California and teaches publicly elementary school.

She was additionally a contestant top top an episode of Wheel that Fortune that aired top top Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

She then went top top to come to be the very first person to win a home in the bonus round.

Trammell gone into the bonus round of a cash prize of $23,690 and a expedition to St. Cutting board for a tropic island getaway.

The concern that ultimately won Trammell the prize was answered with "I caught a glimpse."

To i beg your pardon Sajak responded "She caught a glimpse.

"She caught a glimpse the her new home."

Trammell was over the moon, spring shocked and also letting out a cry of excitement.




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The home Trammell won to be worth $375,000 and in one of the Latitude Margaritaville areas for adult 55 and up in Florida.

The community was helped emerged by legendary singer Jimmy Buffett, that famously sang the hit song, Margaritaville.

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Her full score to be $398,690, marking a brand-new record for the show's highest non-millionaire winnings.