Tony Dow is a well-known American actor. He is ideal known for his role as Wally Cleaver top top the television collection Leave It come Beaver. After a successful acting career, he ongoing to job-related in Hollywood behind the camera.

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LEAVE IT to BEAVER - "Gallery" 1957-1963 Tony Dow. Photo: Walt Disney tv via Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The gibbs is from Hollywood, California, the USA. His father – john Dow – was a designer and a contractor.

His mother – Muriel Virginia Montrose – was an actress for a quick period. Later, she left exhilaration to dedicate herself to her family:


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When she married my dad, the wasn't interested in the company at all, therefore she moved away native it. Like any type of mother, she want the finest for she kid.

How old is Tony Dow?

The leave It come Beaver star to be born top top 13 April 1945. As of 2020, that is 75 years old.


In the past, Tony Dow to be a promise young diver and swimmer who competed in the AAU junior Olympic Games. Over time, the switched come acting:

A friend come by and also said, `Do you wanna walk to the studio?` and I said, `I don`t know,` and also my mommy said, `Put on her blue suit,` so ns dug the out and also went to the studio and, friend know, it just sort of happened.

In 1957, in ~ the age of 12, he got the function of Wally Cleaver in the collection Leave It come Beaver.


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I obtained up in the morning, had actually breakfast, and also went come work. My mother would journey me to work. Ns would examine my lines if on the way, and also I had three hours of college a day. The remainder of the time, us were shooting.

The collection ended in 1963. It help the actor earn enhancing popularity and, as a result, an ext roles.

He then starred in Dr. Kildare, back to the Beach, My three Sons, never Too Young, The Kentucky Fried Movie, and Death Scream.

After a short break in the late 1960s (1965 – 1968), he showed up in Adam-12; Emergency! Brushfire; Love, American Style; and The hardy Boys.

In the mid-1970s, he studied directing at UCLA and also Columbia University. Moreover, in between soap operas and also TV series, he developed several wall graphics v his friend in offices and restaurants about Los Angeles.


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In 1983, the actor play grown-up Wally Cleaver in The new Leave It come Beaver.

From the mid-1980s, he dedicated himself to directing, writing, and special effects. Amongst his works space Swamp Thing, Star Trek: Deep space Nine, covering Me: based on the True Life of one FBI Family, Harry and also the Hendersons, and also Coach.

He additionally worked ~ above the visual impacts for the collection Babylon 5.

In 2008, Dow make headlines for his talent in sculpturing. His statue to be selected because that a prestigious worldwide exhibition in ~ the Louvre Museum in Paris. His Unarmed Warrior currently stands in ~ Stephano’s Fine art Gallery in tiny Rock, Arkansas.

In 2015, that starred in the quick film lucky Day. That was also cast in among the episodes of Suspense.

In 2018, he made a guest illustration on find Your Future Reality.


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Was Tony Dow in the military?

In the late 1960s, he take it a break from exhilaration to serve his commitment to the California nationwide Guard. The turned the end to be a trouble for the CNG as he refused to pick up a weapon under any kind of circumstances.

Thus, he started to bring out the duties the a photographer:

That`s why they do me a photographer; lock couldn`t figure out what I could do without transporting a weapon since I wouldn`t even lug a sidearm. In my own method I made my very own statement.

Actor Tony Dow net worth

LEAVE IT come BEAVER - "Gallery" 1957-1963 Tony Dow. Photo: Walt Disney television via Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

As that 2020, Tony Dow network worth is $4 million.

As because that the sources of his tremendous income, T. Dow has made money not just as an gibbs but additionally as a:

ProducerVisual artistFilm directorOwner of a production companySculptor

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The actor has been married twice:

Carol Marie Marlow - they met every other when she was functioning for an proclaiming agency. Castle exchanged their wedding vows on 14 June 1969. In 1973, the pair welcomed a baby. Top top 10 in march 1980, they damaged up.Lauren Shulkind - She is a mosaic artist. They obtained married on 16 June 1980. About 40 year ago, they discovered a home in the Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles County. They transformed it into an idyllic retreat for artists, adorned with hand-crafted decorations:"I’m an extremely proud of Tony,” Lauren says. “He’s passionate about all that the things he’s so qualified of doing. He’s a builder, he’s a designer, he’s a sculptor. Ns look in amazement at every one of the things he’s created.


Tony Dow has actually a son, Christopher. He to be born ~ above 26 march 1973. The is also an actor.


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Tony Dow today

Is Tony Dow alive? Yes, the is.

Today, the actor resides happily v Lauren and also their dog Poppy in Topanga Canyon.

He is also still producing his superior sculptures and also shares their photos with his Instagram followers.

Tony Dow resides a an innovative life. He always has many of power to impress the human being all around him.

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