Vanna White has been sizzling as the letter-turner and co-host on the beloved game display Wheel of Fortune due to the fact that 1982. Though she wasn’t the an initial letter turner –that respect goes to woman called Susan Stafford, White’s stunning outfits and ageless grace have actually delighted generations of folks who have actually turn on the present each weekday to watch it from their living rooms– and others who have actually actually to be able to contend on the show and also see White and c0-host play Sajak increase close and personal.

Though White has actually been a staple on the collection for 30 years –first turning letters and also then lightly poignant the massive game board once it came to be computerized in 1997, that looks prefer she hasn’t aged due to the fact that she very first was first picked together the permanent hostess on December 13, 1982. So exactly how old is Vanna White and what is her network worth after an ext than 30 years in show business?

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Vanna White is 61 year old

We understand it’s impolite to tell a lady’s age, yet we would certainly be ecstatic come look like Ms. White in our sixties. The former actress and also South Carolina indigenous was born on February 18, 1957. Despite she was born Vanna Marie Rosich — she took the name of her stepfather Herbert Stackley White Jr. Who raised her.

Over the years, White has taken special care of her appearance, and also she’s worn practically 7,000 outfits top top Wheel the Fortune — never ever wearing the very same outfit twice. Despite she doesn’t obtain to save her dresses, in a 2016 interview v Fox News — White explained that every week she tries on tries ~ above 50 come 60 dresses and also chooses her favorites. She revealed, “My favourite dresses occur to it is in the comfortable ones. They need to go ago to the designer, however I certainly enjoy wearing them. I have gone with all the big styles, the large shoulder pads. You name it; I’ve excellent it.”

Vanna White is precious $50 million

It truly payment to it is in a game present host, and also there is much much more to White’s job then simply touching letters. She and Pat Sajak have actually helped come up through many puzzles end the years. Wheel of Fortune executive producer Harry Friedman explained that it’s all, “very scientific.” He added that everyone contributes come the “group effort.” For she efforts, White is payment a $10 million salary for Wheel of Fortune which has actually greatly added to she $50 million network worth.

While that looks like she and also Sajak have actually hardly whenever off, girlfriend should know that the Wheel of Fortune master tape a week’s precious of illustration in just one day. An avid pan of crochet and also knitting– White additionally has her very own brand that yarn, “Vanna’s Choice” v Lion Brand Yarns and a best-selling autobiography 1987’s Vanna Speaks!