Trista Rehn, star of "The Bachelorette," and her fiance, Ryan Sutter, arrive at the 31st yearly American Music Awards, Nov. 16, 2003, in ~ the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, simply three weeks before their wedding. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)ASSOCIATED PRESS



Trista Rehn starred together the “bachelorette” ~ above the an initial season that ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in early on 2003. She picked Ryan Sutter, a firefighter native Colorado, and they were married in December that exact same year in a ceremony televised ~ above ABC.

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Out that the 16 seasons of the show, Trista and Ryan space one of five couples who room still together. In fact, they will celebrate your anniversary top top Sunday.

Now, 17 year later, Trista, 48, revealed Saturday ~ above Instagram that her husband Ryan, 46, has been dealing with an unknown illness for months, follow to Fox News.

Sutter stated that few of her husband’s symptom resemble those that lymphoma, and also it was v great an obstacle that they could find a medical professional to take his symptom “seriously.”

“This guy...my rock, my finest friend, mine hero, mine love...is struggling,” she added. “Not everyday, and not to the allude that he can’t work-related or chef or practice or be with family, however enough. We’ve been struggling because that months. Struggling to obtain answers. And this week, us got solution that would generally be the ideal answer that all an excellent answers. We found out the Ryan doesn’t have cancer. A large relief...”

“But component of united state was wanting a diagnosis. Wanting to be able to fight because that him to it is in cured instead of fighting because that an answer. Just how messed increase is that?” she go on to say. “But, that’s where we are. In a holding sample of not knowing. And also believe me...I know it might be worse, so for that, ns am thankful.”

Among the points the former reality star claimed she is grateful for space not having actually to be separated indigenous a love one that is dying because of COVID-19. She is additionally thankful that she and her husband will certainly not have to confront cancer v their two youngsters -- Maxwell Alston, 13, and Blakesley Grace, 11. She to express gratefulness for having actually health insurance, jobs, a home, food and also family.

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