What"s the fact about Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks" marriage? The pair are one of country music"s most famed couples through pitch perfect harmony both ~ above and off the stage. While this duo knows just how to placed on a present together, they"re each superstars in their very own right: Brooks is a Grammy-winning, seven-time CMA entertainment artist of the Year, and also his three-time Grammy-winning wife is a cool Ole Opry legend. However despite their professional achievements, marriage is, by far, their greatest accolade. Though the two first met as family member unknowns in the late "80s, your love story wouldn"t begin until practically two years later. 

Between touring, increasing a family and also pursuing other interests — such together a cooking show, together in Yearwood"s instance — marital relationship hasn"t constantly been easy. But, no matter exactly how busy life gets, Yearwood is quiet in love v Brooks, and also though the two aren"t shy as soon as it comes to professing their love for one another, there"s a lot we didn"t know about their marriage...until now! 

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Looking at this lovebirds, you"d think Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks were an item as soon as lock locked eyes, however you"d it is in wrong. The two were married come other world when they very first met in 1987 at songwriter Kent Blazy"s attic studio; they were there to document a demo together, per CMT. Earlier then, Brooks to be hubby come Sandy Mahl, who he wed the year before meeting Yearwood, follow to US Weekly. At the time, Yearwood was the mam of music producer kris Latham (via Good Housekeeping).

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The two stayed loyal to your spouses, however Brooks later admitted on The Ellen Show in 2013 the Yearwood make him concern his marriage. "You being married, it"s gotta it is in right," that said, about trying to rationalize his marital relationship to Mahl. "You to be married in front of God and also your family and everything."

So Brooks and Yearwood stayed friends. Yearwood would end up divorcing Latham before tying the node again in 1994, this time with Robert Reynolds (from The Mavericks), as reported by AP News. Brooks didn"t split from his an initial wife until 2000, every US Weekly

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Garth Brooks knew Trisha Yearwood was the one when he very first met her in the "80s, beforehand in both your careers. "I felt that feeling like you just met your wife," that told The Ellen Show in 2013. However Brooks was already married and remained loyal to then-wife Sandy Mahl. 

Maybe points would"ve settled differently had actually Brooks well-known the emotion was mutual. Throughout a share interview with Parade magazine in 2016, Yearwood confessed to knowing Brooks was the one "the minute I met him," but didn"t establish it at the time.

It"s not like the Brooks and also Yearwood were family members names, at the very least not yet, so it"s not favor they were starstruck; it was a pure, necessary spark. "We hit it off," Yearwood recalled throughout a CMT interview. "But I had actually no idea he"d turn out to be Garth Brooks!" little did the two know then that they"d no only end up being country music stars, yet that they"d marry each various other someday. 

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Seeing as romance was out of the picture, Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks settled for friendship, and also supported one another in their expert music careers. Follow to E! News, as soon as Brooks started making a surname for himself, he helped Yearwood land a document contract, and also chose her as the opened act for his nationwide tour in 1991. The two even sang duets and backup vocals on each other"s albums. 

Despite affecting much the her early on career, Brooks never attributed himself because that Yearwood"s rise. ”To tell friend the truth, Trish Yearwood pretty fine pulled herself up by her very own shoes,” that told the Chicago Tribune throughout a 2001 interview.

When Brooks break-up from his very first wife in 1999, Yearwood simply so occurred to be solitary herself, according to US Weekly. That"s when their friendship blossomed into something more. " was somebody who I constantly enjoyed gift around, and we had a lot more in typical than I ever before dreamed us did," Brooks revealed on The Ellen Show. "We started seeing each various other after the divorce, we came off tour," the said. The rest is history!

Being the rockstar entertainer that he is, Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood in front of thousands of world — 7,000 to be exact. That was might 2005, and also the pair was in ~ Buck Owens"s Crystal palace in Bakersfield, California. The pair to be there to clock the unveiling of an eight-foot high statue that Brooks, follow to People

During the ceremony, Brooks brought his top lady onstage — not to song — but to see the statue increase close. Afterwards, Brooks mentioned a wedding band fixed to the statue"s ring finger. Then lot to Yearwood"s surprise, he gained down ~ above one knee and asked her to get married him. She stated yes! "Her knees were favor Jell-O," Jerry Hufford, talent coordinator for the country music venue, said about Yearwood"s reaction. "She was completely stunned...It took she a when to reclaim composure. You might tell she"d been crying." Talk around a wedding proposal guarantee to make you cry!

During a share interview on Live with Kelly in 2016, Yearwood stated she"ll never ever forget that moment, and also quipped: "Bakersfield is the many romantic city in the country for me."

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Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks chose to skip the fanfare developed by their very public proposal, opting instead for something a little more private and also intimate for your actual wedding day. According to People, the couple tied the knot in the direction of the finish of 2005 at their Oklahoma home in prior of household only. "It"s the perfect Christmas gift to each other," Brooks said in a statement. "We can not be happier."

Garth Brooks" three daughters — who have actually grown as much as be gorgeous – played an important role in your wedding ceremony, seeing together Yearwood doesn"t have kids of she own. From Brooks" previous marital relationship to Sandy Mahl, Taylor, August, and also Allie additionally made your commitment come Yearwood official. "We married the girls," Yearwood defined on the Rachael beam Show in 2019. "They wore tiny wedding dresses, we exchanged ring — "cause they had actually to speak it was it s okay for me to marry their dad." She included her anniversary with Brooks is additionally theirs v the children. Their marital relationship is important a family affair!

Don"t speak to country singer Trisha Yearwood "stepmom." In the Yearwood-Brooks household, she"s the bonus mother instead. "Stepmom"s an extremely Cinderella. It doesn"t have an excellent connotations," Yearwood said on the Rachael beam Show. "And therefore you"re a bonus mom since the girls have a mom, and also I gain to be an additional woman in their life the loves them." That"s a really wholesome sentiment!

From the watch of her Instagram page, Yearwood close to all 3 girls — Taylor, August, and Allie – and also supports them, also in their careers. Yearwood also had Allie as a one-of-a-kind guest on her Food Network present Trisha"s southerly Kitchen, and also touted her stepdaughter"s musical an abilities in an episode teaser with the caption: "To say ns am a proud bonus mommy is an understatement! Allie, you room my brand-new favorite duet companion (psst! Don"t tell her dad!)"

Marriage is tough work, also if you"re one of nation music"s most well known couples, together is the instance for Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks. Yet the two somehow control to prosper in the marriage department by do each various other a priority. "You need to make it a aware effort to make certain that you placed each various other first, and we perform that, and also sometimes it"s no easy," Yearwood told Good Morning America. That takes a most compromise, she added, and it help the two are best friends and enjoy spending time together. Still, there space some weird facts about Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood"s marriage.

So how do the pair prioritize one another? "We tour together, we shot to go almost everywhere together and we really don"t invest that much time apart," Yearwood revealed on Live through Kelly in 2016, in a joint interview through Garth Brooks. Once asked if they ever get on every other"s nerves, Brooks said no, adding "she"s always right." Still, Trisha Yearwood has spilled on how husband Garth Brooks annoys she in the past.

Power pair Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood are good solo, however they"re even far better when they song together. They"ve perform ballads everywhere, native the CMA Awards to their home studio. Never shy to display the love and also affection they have for one another, the pair regularly hold hands onstage, and also aren"t afraid to skinny in for an almost kiss throughout especially emotional performances. 

When it come time because that a solo, Brooks and Yearwood room still not far apart. Typically, if one is ~ above stage, the other is in the crowd. Plus, oftentimes the pair dedicate the song to each other, like as soon as Brooks carry out "Stronger than Me" at the CMA Awards in 2018. "It to be not written by me, the second I heard it, i said, "Omigosh, that"s what I"d say to Trisha if i was talented sufficient to compose that,"" he told Extra on the red carpet, before his CMA performance. Yearwood, who was beside Brooks during the interview, said it"s crucial to make her spouse feel loved, and what better way than a song? "This is a cool gesture," she admitted.

A pair that not just sings together, but additionally gives ago to their community together is certain to do it in the lengthy haul. At least, that"s what we hope because that Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks, who volunteer regularly with Habitat because that Humanity, helping to develop affordable real estate for families in need. 

The couple got associated with the nonprofit once they flew to new Orleans following the devastation the Hurricane Katrina in 2005. "Garth and I to be asked to take part basically in a picture op in new Orleans after ~ Katrina, and we went," she described in one interview with SheKnows. "We were claimed to it is in there because that an hour or two, and also we ended up remaining all day and also got affiliated in swinging a hammer and it to be like, "This is ours wheelhouse, this is what we desire to do.""

During one interview with Good Morning America around their volunteerism, Brooks and Yearwood pointed in ~ one another when asked who"s much better with the strength tools. Brooks called his mam "a nail gun diva." Hilarious!

Trisha Yearwood — who"s undertaken a stunning transformation — and also Garth Brooks choose to spice points up in their marital relationship by cooking together, or for one another. Seeing as Yearwood is a best-selling cookbook author and host the Trisha"s southern Kitchen on Food Network, you might think she"s the designated home chef. However, Brooks is pretty comfortable in the kitchen as well; the pays off anytime Yearwood gets residence after a lengthy day of filming her cooking show. "He"s always got other made," she revealed come Access. "The only thing sexier is once he tons the dishwasher."

Brooks has even made appearances on his wife"s food preparation show. What a donate husband! Yearwood in reality nicknamed she hubby Gartha Stewart (a twisted on Martha Stewart, who has her own display on HGTV). "He is a good cook," she told Extra. "He additionally gets really excited if he makes choose a sandwich the looks good. He"ll take a snapshot of it." In this situation, there"s no such thing as too countless cooks in the kitchen.

Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks have owned number of awe-worthy properties across the country, including a $5 million Malibu beach house, which follow to Variety, was purchased by them in 2008; they marketed it virtually 10 years later for $7 million. 

For years, Brooks and Yearwood stayed in Oklahoma, the former"s home state, till his youngest daughter graduated from high school, according to Today. "He adores his children, and there to be no way he wasn"t walking to it is in a part of his daughter"s stays on a day-to-day basis," a source told the Daily Mail. The couple listed the 14,089 square-foot palace in 2014 for about $3.5 million. 

As that 2015, follow to People, Brooks and Yearwood bought a residence in Nashville, Tennessee, but since of touring, they didn"t acquire a possibility to gain it until nearly three year later. Brooks called Live v Kelly and Ryan in 2018 the they built their residence from the ground up "just the way that want it." as soon as they to be able to clear up in and also hang pictures, the said, it started feeling prefer home.

Trisha Yearwood to be there because that Garth Brooks complying with his divorce native Sandy Mahl. Brooks confessed the she helped him acquire through that rough patch while fostering his documentary, The road I"m On, in brand-new York (via US Weekly). "I just said goodbye come music, gained divorced, moved back to Oklahoma and also left Nashville," he said. "I to be living with three strange ladies that i did no know. They to be 8, 6, and also 4." Then, in the midst of this "crash course" in the fairer sex, his "best friend verified up." That finest friend was Yearwood, that course.

Years later, the married couple, that wed in 2005, faced one more obstacle, together with the rest of the world: COVID-19. Brooks confessed in a virtual push conference (via People) the his daughter, Allie Brooks, tested confident for the virus. "None of us has ever seen this before," that said. "As parents favor you, favor me, all you do is pray her knee skeletal off."

Brooks and Yearwood had to quarantine together well, together they work-related with your son-in-law. Fortunately, anyone was it s okay in the end.

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Things might"ve been different had Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood no been married once they an initial met ago in the "80s, before either of your careers took off. But that can not necessarily have been because that the better, follow to Brooks, that entertained that idea throughout a live Q&A with his wife (via KTLA 5). "Our careers would certainly not it is in what they were in the "90s or our marriage would not have survived the "90s," Brooks said. "I think everything kind of happens in that is time." 

Before tying the knot in 2005, Brooks had been married when before, and also Yearwood twice. "I"m no proud to have been divorced," Yearwood said a reporter following the Q&A. However said that she and Brooks gained together at a great time in both their lives. "I additionally know in ~ that point in mine life what i want and what ns don"t want," she said, referring to once she wed Brooks at the age of 41. 

Trisha Yearwood feels happy to share her life with Garth Brooks, and believes that they struggle the jackpot as soon as they finally found their means to each other. "We"re v the love of our lives, and we also get to execute what us love to perform for a living," she common in one interview with Extra. "As lengthy as we deserve to do the we"re walk to do that." 

It"s for sure to say the Brooks feel the same. Always the romantic, that said during a share Q&A session with his mam (via KTLA 5) the he loves doing everything together with her, from elevating a household to touring. "I have the right to just be in the same room through her no doing noþeles she"s doing, however just understanding you"re breath the exact same air sort of thing, knowing...she"s happy doing what she"s doing, that kind of provides you feeling at ease," that said. Be still ours hearts! we can"t wait to view what rather these two lovebirds, and songbirds, have up their sleeves — and also we hope that it"s together.