The truth Of Life: Where are They Now? in spite of its age, The facts of Life remains a lovely sitcom but whatever happened to its actors of lovable characters?

back in the "80s, The facts of Life was a staple in plenty of Americans" homes. Every week, teenagers would sit down at the television and also watch as Mrs. Garrett bestowed knowledge and also wisdom onto the girls at Eastland School. The facts of Life ran because that nine periods from 1979 to 1988, do it one of the longest running sitcoms.

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Even despite the sitcom finished over 30 years ago, it stays beloved by many fans. To this day, friend can capture reruns that it and for plenty of it brings ago nostalgic feelings of much easier times. However whatever happened to Mrs. Garrett and her girls, and all the other personalities that comprised the Eastland School? uncover out here!

Mrs. Garrett was choose the godmother everyone wished castle had growing up. Charlotte Rae embodied Mrs. Edna Garrett with her type eyes and also words that wisdom. Yet Charlotte Rae was much more than just Mrs. Garrett, a housemother in brand-new York.

She to be a comedian, a singer, and also a Broadway actor v a job spanning six decades. After she left The truth of Life, she became a voice over actor in Tom and Jerry: The Movie, starred in Off-Broadway productions, and also appearing in numerous The facts of Life reunions. Rae passed far on august 5, 2018, in ~ the age of 92 ~ battling bone cancer.

Lisa Whelchel starred as wealthy, preppy Blair Warner for the entire nine season operation of The facts of Life. Blair was the ultimate 80"s teen queen through her spoiled attitude, success in school with grades and popularity, and also her vanity.

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After The truth of Life ended in 1988, Whelchel dropped the teen queen title and focused an ext on her belief having exit a Christian popular music album in 1984. Since 2004, she has actually been one inspirational speaker at churches and also conferences and also has created ten books. Most recently in 2012 she was voted the fan favorite on the truth competition show Survivor.

earlier in the 80"s and well into the 2000"s, tomboys were a renowned character together they were girls who could hang through the guys. Every team had one and for The truth of Life, Jo Polniaczek was theirs. Nancy McKeon starred as Jo native the second season that The truth of Life come its final ninth season.

Once The facts of Life ended, McKeon never ever quite hit stardom stasis. She starred in several made for TV movies in the 80"s and also 90"s and also portrayed characters in brief lived collection including Sonny with a Chance and The Division.

7 Kim areas (Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey)

Tootie, played by Kim Fields, was among the original season 1 personalities who starred in every nine of The facts of Life"s seasons. Tootie looked innocent, yet her gossiping is typically what landed the team into trouble. To today fans quiet quote she catchphrase, "We"re in trou-ble!"

Having played Tootie from a young age and for ripe years, countless would think it would certainly be difficult to move on. Yet after The truth of Life, Fields ongoing on with her career. In the 90"s, she starred in the popular sitcom Living Single. She likewise obtained her level in directing and went ~ above to straight several that Tyler Perry"s sitcoms.

while Blair could have been the vain one v her blonde hair and petite frame, Natalie, played by Mindy Cohn, to be the i was sure one. Mindy Cohn embodied Natalie"s unwavering confidence through her plus size figure and fans admired her for it.

Playing a sitcom character it have the right to be complicated to change to other varieties of acting, but Cohn ended up being a successful voice over actor. She voiced Velma in the Scooby-Doo franchise for 13 year from 2002 come 2015. She has also made plenty of guest appearances in collection including Hot in Cleveland, The Middle, and The mystery Life the the American Teenager.

5 George Clooney (George Burnett)

even though his time on the series was quick lived, George Clooney"s character George Burnett made a lasting influence on fans. George Burnett was the handsome handyman hired to fix Mrs. Garrett"s bakery, Edna"s Edibles, ~ it melted down.

George departed The facts of Life after Season 8, yet as most human being know his exhilaration career go not stop there. Transparent the 90"s, his fame continued to grow and he ended up being an acting force to it is in reckon with. He has actually starred in plenty of hit films and also as fine as depicting Doug Ross in the successful medical drama, ER.

Andy, play by Mackenzie Astin, to be wise past his years together he was regularly helping the girls v their personal problems. V his upbeat mindset despite his troubling life, he quickly won the mind of everyone in the 4 seasons he showed up on the series.

Since the finishing of The facts of Life, Astin has actually played number of reoccurring characters in well-known shows including Scandal and Homeland and also guest appearances on LOST, House, and Grey"s Anatomy. He"s also appeared in many films such as stole Will and also Wyatt Earp. 

3 Cloris Leachman (Beverly Ann Stickle)

once Mrs. Garrett departed in Sseason 8, Charlotte Rae picked Cloris Leachman come be she replacement as housemother and Edna"s sister, Beverly Ann. Leachman has had actually one the the longest to run careers in Hollywood. In 2002, she to be awarded one Emmy for her role as Grandma Ida in Malcolm in the Middle, which came to be her fourth decade of being an Emmy win actress.

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She has also acted in several movies including Longest Yard through Adam Sandler and also Sky High v Kurt Russell. Leachman is right now 94 and also is still loved by pan of many generations.

when The facts of Life very first aired there were number of main personalities that to visit Eastland that were progressively written the end of the series as it began to emphasis on the central four students. Nancy Olsen, play by Felice Schachter, was one of the student who dropped to the wayside.

After Schachter left the series her acting career never took off. Transparent the years, she has functioned on lot of productions consisting of Magic Island and The Gnomes" good Adventure.

1 Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann Weaver)

just like Nancy Olsen, Sue Ann Weaver was an additional Eastland student who was written off the collection by the third season. Sue Ann, illustrated by Julie Piekarski, was generally in competition with Blair because that boys and also needing pep speak from Mrs. Garrett about her lower I.Q.

Piekarski"s exhilaration career unfortunately never ever led her to fame, however she did have several guest appearances in series including General Hospital. She take it a break from exhilaration to progressive her three children and also according to she website is looking to do a return to entertainment.

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