With our current launch that our infant shampoo (yay!) we got all sort of brand-new questions native parents. Us expected many of them like when need to you wash baby hair through shampoo? or what makes our formula so much better?

But then we obtained asked ‘til what period is it OK to shower with your children?

An early google find landed us on:


Really, google? You’ve got the answer come this one?

If you’re asking yourself this question, it can be much more helpful to check out what various other parents’ take it on it is. For this reason we required to the web to watch what parents the end there space saying. Nudity and acceptance of the will constantly be a matter of culture, religion, family members dynamics and also comfort. Over there is no best answer, however it is certainly useful to see what other parents’ strategy on this object is.

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Is the a facility topic? us loved exactly how blunt this user placed it:

Until someone"s not comfortable.


Some parent’s determined to draw the line when children exhibit genital/gender curiosity:


Last time ns showered with my son she inquiry why mine vagina had actually a beard. Had to notify her the she would one day thrive a vagina beard. She didn’t want to shower through me after ~ that.


My parents used to take me right into the shower v them once I was small (I don"t psychic it)... Dad says he stopped as soon as I pointed to his junk and said, "Daddy, what"s that?"

I think that"s a pretty an excellent indicator.


I attracted the line at shared showering v my son when he obtained to eye level with my ladybusiness - and then tried come stick a finger in that to figure out what that was! :-P


My husband stopped as soon as my oldest was about 3, she looked in ~ him and also said "What is THAT" lol


I stopped showering through my son as soon as he to be four and a half. I figured he wouldn"t psychic showering through me and wouldn"t feel weird around it when he gets older lol.

Some parent’s simply thought it was easy:


They will certainly for certain let you know when it’s time. I’ve constantly been very open through my kids, and one day each one of them decided they want privacy.


When one of two people party i do not care uncomfortable with co-bathing.


I don"t really obtain this question. You can continue to bathe together but long girlfriend wish, right into adulthood, right into your retirement, as long as both of you like it. If you desire your shower head privacy back, climate you must tell your son that girlfriend don"t desire to perform it everyday.

Some shared their experiences and also emphasized family members culture.


I think it’s entirely up to your family dynamic. Some family members are nude all the time and also it’s no biggie. Some room seriously uncomfortable v that. I had actually a friend who lived ~ above the upper level the house and also her in-laws were in the suite downstairs. Her 3 year old would listen for the shower head to rotate on downstairs and also rush down to shower through his grandpa. No weird at all for them. Super monster for various other families. That what you make it i think.


We still periodically co-bathe - mine daughter simply turned eight (I"m the mother). The main problem is not enough room in the bath!

But ns don"t think there"s an problem with one of two people parent/either gender co-bathing at any type of age, so lengthy as no one is uncomfortable. If anyone feel uncomfortable, then simply stop.

In plenty of European nations entire households take saunas and so on together, indigenous childhood to adult ages.

I think it"s an extremely healthy and also quite important for youngsters to see "normal" adult bodies, all the more so v all the intensified celebrity and porn images around, that will otherwise it is in their major (even only) frame of reference.

My own mom was an extremely relaxed around nudity. This has actually made it much much easier for me together my very own body gets older, and it also made it much easier when she was dying, in terms of helping care for her. If you"re provided to having actually seen your parent naked, it"s less confronting once you have actually to aid them bathe etc. It"s just the human body you"ve constantly seen but grown frail and needing assistance.


Probably weird, yet I showered with my mommy until ns was 12. Ns a female, btw. She to be a solitary mother and also it helped gain the begin to the day done faster and she helped me wash my exceptionally long and also thick hair. Neither of us felt weird about it and also I quiet don’t. That made me more comfortable in my own skin, and helped me referee others less based on their looks/body type. We also showered independently probably 40% of the time so it no all the time or anything. I love my mom, and also I’m happy she taught me the nudity isn’t simply for sex, she likewise was really open as soon as I request questions about stuff. Simply my 2 cents.

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So exactly how old is as well old?

For some parents the is a sensitive subject while for others it seems to be a no brainer. The appropriate answer will certainly depend on parenting style and culture. Just how old is also old come shower with your kid? What is her take top top it? wednesday love come hear her thoughts.