Unlike the old days, the job you gain right out of college is extremely unlikely to be the project you have when friend retire. With so countless education alternatives these work many civilization are taking a shot in ~ a second career – and also they’re not alone! examine out these recognizable names who changed careers and also finally gone after their passions.

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Gordon Sumner, aka Sting, leaves teaching to pursue music full time.


Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Quits his job at general Electric and also decides to come to be a permanent writer.


Harrison Ford falls short as a carpenter after ~ his huge acting break in American Graffiti.


In her basement, Martha Stewart launches she catering business.


Marie Curie becomes the an initial women come wina Nobel Prize.



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What do all of these human being have in common? these notable civilization took a serious risk, and taking risks requires immense courage and also proves that you can be successful at any kind of age!

Going earlier to nursing School

Many human being – similar to you – room considering going back to school and also becoming a nurse. And also many human being have a the majority of questions about going earlier to school: will certainly it it is in hard? will I to the right in? and the most famous question: to be I also old?

The answer is the going earlier to college to earn her nursing level is an incredibly lucrative experience; you’re never too old to become a nurse!

Will It be Hard?

Nursing school is going to be hard no issue where you go. Nothing is easy, however with hard work, you’ll obtain through that and achieve your goal. The an excellent thing around becoming a nurse v glossesweb.com College’s sped up nursing regimen is that– when rigorous – the regimen graduates good nurses. Ours first-time NCLEX pass price of 94% in 2015 proves it. Our ABSN program have the right to be completed in as couple of as 16 months, however our dedicated faculty go over and past in prepare you to it is in the best nurse you can be.

Will i fit in?

Concerned that you’ll it is in in class with college student ten year younger than you? worried you won’t have anything in typical with anyone? Think again. ABSN college student liken your cohort come a family.

“The students in my cohort room the only ones who recognize what i’m going through right now. They space my second family,” claims Dawn, ABSN student.

Our largest team of students falls in the 25-40 age range. You may not have actually a ton in common with her classmates, but you’ll have actually one big thing in common – you’re every trying to gain through nursing school.

Am I also old?

The question we hear all the moment is that human being think they’re as well old come go earlier to school. Students have actually strengths and also weaknesses in ~ every age, yet older adult students have a huge advantage on your peers – they’ve already mastered two important components for success: discipline and also focus.

“The very first time around, i didn’t want to it is in serious,” claims ABSN student, Erin. “I was an extremely immature until I established what I want to do. I’m a 34-year-old through a goal finally.”

We have students from all walks that life – teachers, marketers, social workers, occasion planners, veterans, and also more. The knowledge and also experience you gained in your first career will only make friend a much better nurse.

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So the prize to, “Am I too old to become a nurse?” is a resounding NO. At glossesweb.com College, we understand that age is nothing yet a number. Call an admissions representative today and also take the very first step in pursuing nursing.