DAYTONA BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 17: Team owner Tony Stewart stand on the grid during the Monster energy NASCAR Cup series 61st yearly Daytona 500 in ~ Daytona global Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by kris Graythen/Getty Images)

Tony Stewart 2021: network Worth, Salary, and Endorsement

Tony Stewart is a team owner and retired American race driver.

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Stewart to be the USAC Rookie of the Year in 1991, USAC nationwide Midget series Champion in 1994 and also 1995, and USAC silver Crown collection champion in 1995.


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He is a three-time NASCAR Cup series champion as a driver. Tony winner the title in 2002, 2005, and 2011, and also even winner the NASCAR Cup title as a team owner, with himself in 2011, and also with Kevin Harvick in 2014.

Tony Stewart: Stats and Championships

Tony Stewart gained his an initial go-kart in Westport, Indiana in 1979, and won his very first title in 1980. He prospered up dashing go-karts, win a people Karting Association title in 1987.

He climbed to the unified Midget racing Association (UMRA), wherein he hustled TQ (three quarter) dwarfs till 1991, when he again climbed this chance to the United states Auto society (USAC) arrangement with assistance from among his karting patrons and companion note Dismore.

The 49-year-old has won titles in numerous different series, consisting of Indy, midget, sprint, and also USAC silver- Crown. He is also the just driver to victory a series in both IndyCar and also NASCAR.

Stewart has many records to his name. The is the just driver to victory the Cup series title under the old framework and also the brand-new playoffs system. Tony winner the Cup collection title under three sponsorships.

He winner the Winston Cup in 2002, Nextel Cup in 2005, and the sprint Cup in 2011. Tony is one of the biggest NASCAR chauffeurs ever, and also on might 22, 2019, he was inducted right into the NASCAR room of Fame.

Tony Stewart: network Worth 2021

As every Celebrity network Worth, if his network worth is $90 million, he gained $130 million through his racing career.

Tony Stewart: Foundations and Charities

The mission the the Tony Stewart foundation is to provide funds come associations offer youngsters that are essentially sick or physical disabled, as well as those who work with animals at risk. He also funds chauffeurs injured in racing.



Jeff Gordon take it an interview through Tony Stewart for the about The Trackseries, providing Gordon a visit with his garage. It's a automobile collector's dream.

It has a crazy amount of race vehicles. Tony Stewart's garage is stacked through NASCAR vehicles, Indycar, and dirt track vehicles. Each of the three NASCAR location cars room in level view.

Other notables combine the 14th Camaro the 2010, the 14th 2014 Stringray.

He even has a variety of bikes, also though his insurance doesn't permit him come ride bikes.

How to contact Tony Stewart

Tony is really active and also highly well-known on society media. As a result, it's the most accessible and easiest method to store in touch through the three-time Cup collection Champion.

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Stewart is on all the renowned social media platforms such together Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If these offer as great platform for fan requests and also interactions, Tony additionally has his own main website and also management team to keep track of proposals and requests.