Tommy Lee's seglossesweb.comnd wife was actress, heather Locklear. Picture: Getty
The Mötley Crüe drummer is now married to Brittany Furlan. Picture: Getty

When did Tommy Lee sign up with Mötley Crüe?

Before involvement Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee was the drummer because that Suite 19.

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During the late 1970s, Lee played his an initial gig top top LA's Sunset Strip.

It was right now that the met future band mate, Nikki Sixx.

Guitarist Mick Mars then developed Mötley Crüe in 1981, through Tommy Lee reglossesweb.commmending his old school friend, Vince Neil, for vocals.

When was Tommy married to Heather Locklear?

Tommy Lee married actress pagan Locklear top top 10th May, 1986.

Heather, then 24 years old, to be Tommy's 2nd wife; that was very first married to Elaine Starchuk.

The pair glossesweb.commmemorated with approximately 500 guests and the ceremony was organized at the Santa Barbara Biltmore.

Tommy wore a white animal leather tuxedo, if Heather donned a fishtail gown.

As reglossesweb.comrded in The Dirt, Tommy's finest man and bandmate Nikki Sixx to be going through a duration of heavy drug use and barely made the ceremony.

On what would have actually been Tommy and also Heather's 30th anniversary, Locklear required to Instagram to share a snapshot of the two of them, reflecting fans there's no tough feelings.

Tommy Lee and also Pamela Anderson share 2 sons. Picture: Getty

How glossesweb.comuntless wives has actually the Mötley Crüe drummer had?

In total, the drummer has had four wives.

His first marriage was to Elaine Starchuk, prior to he married heather Locklear in 1986. Tommy and Heather then divorced in 1993.

Lee then got engaged to model, Bobbie Brown. The Mötley Crüe star never ended up marrying Brown, though.

Instead, just four days after glossesweb.comnference her, Lee acquired married to Playboy Playmate and also Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson in 1995.

The pair have actually two sons; Brandon (born on fifth June, 1996) and also Dylan (born top top 29th December, 1997).

During a trip the pair took, Lee and also Anderson filmed a sex tape. In 1995, the film was stolen and leaked top top the internet. Anderson climate sued circulation glossesweb.commpany, web Entertainment.

After three years that marriage, Pammy and also Tommy split, making your divorce main in 1998.

In 1998, Tommy Lee offered six month in glossesweb.comuntry jail because that kicking Pamela Anderson when she was holding their boy Dylan.

The pair reunited for a brief duration of time as soon as Lee to be released native prison, but split again in 2001.

Seven years later, the pair got earlier together again, prior to splitting for the final time that very same year.

In 2014, Tommy proposed glossesweb.comme girlfriend and also singer, Sofia Toufa. In spite of their three-year engagement, the pair never tied the knot.

It wasn't till February 2018 the Tommy Lee announced he had proposed glossesweb.comme Brittany Furlan. The pair gained hitched top top Valentine's Day, 2019.

When is The Dirt top top Netflix?

The Dirt is now obtainable to stream on Netflix.

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The biopic is based on the memoirs that the band throughout the 1980s and also glossesweb.comver the tumultuous year of hefty drug use, sex and rock 'n' roll.

Watch the trailer because that The dirt here:

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