Tommie Lee is an American rapper and reality TV star that is renowned for she appearance in the fact TV collection Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta. She make a cameo appearances in the pilot season of the show, and was part of the supporting cast of its fifth season before being advocated to the main cast in season six.


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Where is Tommie Lee from?

Tommie Lee's genuine name is Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore. She was born and also raised in brand-new Jersey, United says of America. Her father's surname is unknown, however her mother's surname is Samantha.

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She has 4 siblings: 2 brothers, Reggie and Rajaysha, and also two sisters, Tahaan and also Versace. Tommie Lee has actually a complex relationship v her sister, Versace.

Tommie stop American nationality and is the the African-American ethnic background.

How old is Tommie native Love and also Hip Hop?

She was born ~ above June 19, 1984. Together of 2021, Tommie Lee's period is 37 year old. She zodiac authorize is Gemini.

Tommie Lee's Love and Hip Hop career

Tommie Lee attends the 6th annual No Reservations needed Dinner in ~ Atlanta Mission in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Prince WilliamsSource: Getty Images

Before her debut in fact TV, Tommie Lee functioned as a concert promoter. She do her first reality TV illustration in 2012 in the collection Love & hip Hop: Atlanta. She made a cameo figure in the show's very first season as an attendee at Rasheeda's hear party.


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Lee made much more regular appearances in season 5 the the reality TV display as the girlfriend of the rapper Scrapp DeLeon.

Tommie ~ above Love and also Hip Hop was among the main cast in the season 6. She was among other members the the cast who were upgraded to take up lead roles. The season concentrated on her adventures neighboring the start of her wine brand.

Tommie's LHHATL fact TV job hit a rock adhering to her battles with alcoholism. Her drinking problem led to she firing from the show. She was drunk on set and attacked one of the producers and the security team.

However, she was recalled and also appeared top top two much more episodes, however she to be not permitted to drink on set.

Tommie Lee indigenous Love and also Hip Hop has also made various other appearances in other TV series such together Leave It to Stevie and Love and also Hip Hop: new York.


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Who space Tommie Lee's kids? She has actually two daughters. Tommie Lee's daughters are Samaria and also Havalli.

How old space Tommie's kids? The exact date when her daughters to be born is no known, however, she older daughter Samaria to be born while she was 17 and also in prison.

In 2018, TMZ reported the Lee was arrested and also faced 7 charges for going to she then 11-year-old daughter Havalli's school, slapping her, dragging her down the room by she hair, and also putting her in a locker.

Tommie Lee's height and body measurements

Tommie Lee attends Sip, Shop + hear for The Crown EP in ~ Philipp Plein in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Prince WilliamsSource: Getty Images

Tommie Lee's network worth


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Social media

She has developed a solid online existence with countless followers throughout social media. Tommie Lee's Instagram account,
tommie_ has over 4 million followers.

Tommie Lee's Love and also Hip Hop reality TV job has carried her fame and also fortune.

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She currently works together an adult film actress and model. Which of she movies have actually you already seen?