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Tom Jones
Sir Thomas man Woodward OBE
81 years old
7 June 1940
Treforest, Pontypridd, united Kingdom
American, welsh
1.77 m
90 kg
Melinda Trenchard (m. 1957–2016)
Yes (Jonathan Berkery, mark Woodward)
$300 million
November 2021

Tom Jones is a famed Welsh singer who is among the most famous singers and has been entertaining the audiences because 1960. He is into plenty of genres of music including, pop, rock, R&B, etc.

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Maybe friend know around Tom Jones really well yet do friend know how old and tall is he, and what is his net worth in 2021? If you carry out not know, We have prepared this article around details that Tom Jones’s short biography-wiki, career, expert life, personal life, today’s network worth, age, height, weight, and much more facts. Well, if you’re ready, stop start.

Early Life

Sir Thomas man Woodward, commonly known by his stage name ‘Tom Jones’, was born ~ above June 7, 1940, in Treforest, Pontypridd in Glamorgan, Wales. His father, Tomas Woodward, to be a charcoal miner, and his mother was Freda Jones.

Tom Jones had a passion for music indigenous a really early age. He constantly signed at the family members gatherings, weddings, and even school choirs. Tom Jones never enjoyed sports and was never interested in play one. It was his singing talent, which provided him the confidence to stand amongst the crowd. He loved American heart music and was mostly influenced by legend blues and also R&B singers like small Richard, Solomon Burke, Elvis Presley, etc.

Tom Jones attend Wood roadway Infant School and also later did his schooling native Wood road Junior School. For further studies, he joined Pontypridd central Secondary modern-day School. In ~ the period of 12, he to be diagnosed through tuberculosis and also was in bed for nearly two years recovering indigenous it.

Personal Life

Tom Jones married his longtime girlfriend native high school, Linda Trenchard. As soon as Tom & Linda were 16, Linda was expecting a child, for this reason the pair decided come tie a node a couple of days later, after the news of their baby. Being a musician, he additionally had his share of affairs. The was involved in many extra-marital affairs, particularly with famed ladies choose Mary Wilson and also Marjorie Wallace, the previous Miss World. Tom has additionally had a romantic fling v Katherine Berkery, and together they have actually a son.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born top top 7 June 1940, Tom Jones is 81 year old together of today’s date 14th November 2021. His height is 1.77 m tall, and his load is 90 kg.


Tom’s music career started when he joined the band ‘Tommy Scott and also the Senators’. The band became successful top top the local level, and Tom’s power was applauded by the regional crowd. Among the breakthroughs of his life came as soon as a London based music sector manager, Gordon Mills, well-known his talent and invited him to visit London.

Tom Jones, then checked out London to accomplish David Mills, whereby he signed a contract v Decca Record. It to be David Mills who readjusted his name to ‘Tom Jones’ and soon with his brand-new onstage identity, Tom released his debut solitary ‘Chills and also Fever’. The tune was not a commercial fight and also didn’t do an influence on the people. However Tom didn’t provide and collection himself to record an additional single.

Tom’s following single ‘It’s not Usual’ became an immediate hit. The song got the fist of countless music lovers, and Tom’s music talent to be praised and appreciated by a many audiences. He acquired a status of celebrity and also was quickly invited come ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ His job-related in music was getting much better every time, and after publication a couple of his music, Tom determined to begin a brand-new adventure.

Tom Jones began his own television display called ‘This is Tom Jones’ i m sorry aired ~ above TV for two years. After ~ the TV show, he started touring the world and released couple of singles choose ‘She’s a Lady,’ ‘Till,’ and also ‘The Young brand-new Mexican Puppeteer.’ however sadly, it to be a bad era because that him, as his music was not acquiring popularity, and the commercial earning was very minimal.

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With a disappointing streak, Tom determined to sign a contract with the ‘Interscope Records’ and immediately released an album ‘The Lead and How come Swing It.’ Tom was ago in company as his brand-new album obtained a many positive critics and also was lot appreciated by a most music lovers. His various other album ‘Praise & Blame’ is supposed to be his finest music job-related till now. Tom has also appeared as a referee in the truth television collection ‘The Voice the UK.’

Awards & Achievements

Tom Jones has been top top the list of numerous nominations and also has also got couple of awards to his name. His biggest achievement would it is in winning the ‘Grammy Award.’ Tom has additionally received a begin on ‘Hollywood go of Fame.’ the is also the winner the the ‘Brit Award’ and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II because that his contribution to the music.

Net worth & salary of Tom Jones in 2021

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