The music legend opens up in this week"s issue of, ~ above newsstands Friday, around how he thrust forward after his wife Linda"s death — and why he never wants to slow down

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While countless stars have taken a step back from occupational over the previous year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the music legend has been together busy as ever before coaching ~ above The Voice U.K. (which covering its 10th season in March) and also releasing his new album Surrounded by Time (out Friday).

The studio album, his 41st, marks Jones' triumphant go back to music after a five-year hiatus from record — the longest of his job — while he navigated the grief of losing his mam of 59 years, Linda, to lung cancer in 2016.

"When we uncovered out she to be sick, ns canceled the tour I was on and went to visit she in the hospital in Los Angeles. Ns told her i wasn't sure if ns would have the ability to sing anymore," Jones (who lived through Linda in L.A. Since 1974 before moving ago to the U.K. Complying with her death) tells in this week's issue, top top newsstands Friday. "But she called me, 'You've gained to. There's no method out for me, I understand where I'm going. But don't die v me.'"

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Five year later, Jones says he's quiet finding means to cope v the loss. The singer (born cutting board Jones Woodward) and also Linda — who met as youngsters growing increase in Pontypridd, southern Wales — had actually done everything together.

"I to be asked the other day, 'Would you ever get married again?'" states Jones. "I couldn't, because there's no history with anyone else."

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High school sweethearts, Jones and also Linda married in 1957 once they were both 16 and also Linda was eight month pregnant v their son Mark. To support his young family, Jones take it a project in building while pursuing his enthusiasm for music in ~ night.

"If you can gain over in a Welsh coal-mining working-man's club, you don't need to worry about the Copacabana," that says, introduce to the famed new York City nightspot. "Because you obtained to be able to sing in order to obtain up in former of these"