No parents, no problem. Suri Cruise‘s 15th birthday contained two friends and neither of she parents. Suri, who is the daughter the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, turned 15 years old on Sunday, April 18, and also from the look at of her bday, Suri had a cool old time exploring brand-new York City without any parental supervision.

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Suri was photographed Sunday with two friends as they purchase flowers, ate ice cream cream and also took self in downtown Manhattan, Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, wasn’t far away however. Holmes was likewise photographed in the exact same neighborhood, shopping because that Suri’s birthday current as she daughter took pleasure in some alone time v her friends.

For her birthday outfit, Suri pull in a animal leather jacket, a white T-shirt and dark-wash jeans. She completed the look v a white challenge mask and light sneakers. Suri, whose lengthy brown hair came well listed below her shoulders, also looked noticeably higher from the last time fans experienced her. (Her mom, FYI, is 5’9″.)

Suri is Holmes’ just child indigenous her marriage to Cruise, whom she to be married come from 2006 come 2012. Cruise additionally has two kids from his marital relationship to Nicole Kidman: son Connor, 26, and daughter Isabella, 28.

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Kidman and also Cruise divorce in 2001 after ~ 11 year of marriage.

In honor of Suri’s 15th birthday, Holmes took to her Instagram on Sunday v a post around how she can not “believe” how quick her daughter had grown up. “Happy 15th date of birth Sweetheart! ns love you!!!!!!!! ❤️