Veteran TV anchor Tom Brokaw, a fixture in ~ NBC News for 55 years, is retiring native the network today.

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Brokaw, 80, has made only a couple of on-air appearances ~ above NBC and its cable news channel MSNBC in recent years, as he has actually been battling cancer. The previous anchor that “NBC Nightly News” — a chair he filled because that 22 year — has actually been a senior correspondent and also occasional commentator since 2005.

“During among the most complicated and consequential eras in American history, a new generation the NBC News journalists, producers and also technicians is providing America through timely, insightful and also critically necessary information, 24/7,” Brokaw stated in a explain announcing the move. “I might not be an ext proud the them.”

Brokaw was among the most acquainted figures in network TV news for several decades after he emerged as a White residence correspondent for NBC News throughout the Watergate scandal in 1973. He started his NBC job at the Los Angeles office of the network, whereby he extended Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial campaign and the 1968 assassination that Robert F. Kennedy.

The southern Dakota indigenous moved to brand-new York in 1976 as soon as he was named co-anchor the the network’s morning franchise “Today,” where he satellite alongside co-host mrs Pauley until 1981. His good looks, capability to handle hard news and also celebrity interviews and skill because that ad-libbing infinite on live TV led an executive to give him the nickname “Duncan the Wonder Horse.”


Jessica Savitch, Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley and John Chancellor in a promotional picture for NBC’s 1980 election coverage.
In 1983, Brokaw ended up being the anchor and also managing editor of “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.” he vacated the project for Brian Williams in 2005 yet remained an authoritative visibility at NBC News, hosting documentaries, reporting for the newsmagazine “Dateline” and appearing on the network’s choice night and also special event coverage.

Brokaw served as moderator that NBC’s Sunday Washington roundtable program “Meet the Press” for numerous months after ~ the sudden fatality of Tim Russert in 2008.

Brokaw was the very first American journalist to conduct an interview v Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev and was the just American network TV anchor to report indigenous Berlin the night the Berlin wall surface came under in 1989.

Brokaw’s heritage was tarnished after previous NBC News partner Linda Vester walk public in 2018 with allegations of sexual harassment against the anchor. Vester said Brokaw attempted come kiss she in a hotel room once the 2 were ~ above assignment for the network in the 1990s. She likewise said he when showed up in ~ her new York hotel room unannounced in an effort to begin a sexual relationship.

Brokaw refuse the incidents and a big number of ladies employees in ~ the network circulated a letter stating their support for him.

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