Tom Brady"s last game versus the brand-new England Patriots as soon as his Tampa bay Buccaneers visit Gillette Stadium in week 3 should be fairly the spectacle.

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But what if that"s no his last game versus the Patriots?

The 44-year-old quarterback has said in years past he wants to beat to period 45, i beg your pardon would average retiring ~ the 2022 season. But during Thursday"s episode of "Tommy and Gronky," a video series produced by the Bucs, teammate rob Gronkowski request Brady if he thinks he can play till 50 years old.

Brady is on monitor to break this significant NFL document vs. Pats

"I mean, ns don"t uncover it therefore difficult," Brady responded. "Plus, Florida, it"s sort of a retire state. So ns feel prefer I have the right to play and also then just glide into retirement. I think ns can. I think it"s a yes."

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— Tampa only Buccaneers (

Looking forward to see Brady in the 2027 Super Bowl.

The seven-time Super key champion suggested as recently as this June the playing until 50 was unrealistic. Just prior to the season began, though, Brady stated he really hopes to remain in Tampa Bay because that "many years," and also after his power in the Bucs" season opener -- 379 happen yards and four touchdowns in a success over the Dallas Cowboys -- us can"t blame the for relocating the goalposts.

Brady"s approach is to continue playing until he"s no longer a "championship-level quarterback," and considering how long Brady has actually lasted previous his supposed expiration date, we"re not judgment out the Bucs gift contenders for several an ext years.

TB12 requirements four much more years to happen George Blanda (48 years old) together the oldest quarterback come play in the NFL. As Gronk joked in the episode, the only human being who might prevent Brady from hitting that milestone can be his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

"There"s a little spin to that question. Ns think it"s, "Will Gisele permit Tom play till 50?"" Gronkowski said.

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"That is of course no, the answer," Brady responded. "I"m simply kidding. I"m sorry, babe. Ns love you. You"d permit me execute anything as lengthy as I"m happy."

Brady definitely seems happy with his situation in Tampa Bay, whereby the Bucs are favorites to repeat together Super key champions.