Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have actually had numerous battles ~ above the gridiron throughout your storied careers as two of the biggest quarterbacks of your generation. Through Brady in attendance in ~ Manning's hall of reputation induction ceremony on Sunday, the previous Colts and also Broncos glossesweb.comgnal-caller couldn't aid but playfully jab his longtime rival, who remained in attendance.

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"By the moment Tom Brady is inducted in his very first year of eligibility—in the year 2035—he'll only have time to article his accept speech on his Instagram account," Manning said.

Manning and also Brady go head-to-head 17 time in their careers, through Brady's Patriots to win 11 that the meetings. Manning had the advantage in the playoffs, though, winning three out of 5 matchups.

Sunday was certainly not the first instance that Manning do a hoax at Brady's expense. When the 2 participated in the charity golf enhance titled "The Match" with Tiger Woods and also Phil Mickelson in Florida last year, Manning readily available some an ext trash talk ahead of the competition.

"I'll be honest, I've never played Tom really well on his house turf," Manning said. "So, perhaps this is conglossesweb.comdered a neutral glossesweb.comte. Ns would have actually loved to have this competition in a place where castle don't like Tom very much—Indianapolis, Denver, Boston, after he glossesweb.commply betrayed them and also broke their hearts."


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