TAMEKA "Tiny" Harris is a singer and also songwriter who has been married come rapper T.I. Because 2010.

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She co-wrote the hit TLC track No Scrubs in the 1990s.


Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle and also T.I. To visit the 51st NAACP picture Awards at the Pasadena civic Auditorium top top February 22, 2020Credit: Getty Images

Who is T.I.'s wife Tiny?

Tiny was born ~ above July 14, 1975, in university Park, Georgia.

Tameka Harris, that was nicknamed "Tiny" as result of her 4 foot 11 inch frame, an initial emerged together a member that the tape Xscape.

Xscape to be an R&B band developed in 1992 through Kandi Burruss, Tiny and others.

Tiny sang lead because that hit singles Understanding, My tiny Secret, and Do You desire To.


Tiny and T.I. Couple have been married since 2010Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

She and also Burruss also wrote because that TLC and collaborated ~ above the hit song No Scrubs.

Tiny formerly dated Zeboe Pullins, with whom she has a daughter, Zonnique, and has been through rapper T.I. For at least the last decade.

The pair wed in June 2010.

The couple had four kids together, back their 2nd child, a daughter, to be stillborn in 2007.

Son King was born in 2004 and was followed in 2008 by significant Philant before the come of daughter Heiress Diana in 2016.


Tameka and T.I. In Los Angeles in 2014Credit: Getty photos - Getty

Who is rapper T.I.?

T.I., 40, likewise known as T.I.P. And also Rubberband Man, grew up in Atlanta.

T.I.P. To be his initial stage name and also stems indigenous his childhood nickname "Tip," given by his grandfather.

He later changed it come T.I. Out of respect for label mate Q-Tip.

He was referred to as the "Jay-Z of the South" by Pharrell Williams and also would develop himself as one of rap's many successful MCs during the early 2000s. 


T.I. And Tameka to visit the VH1 big In 2015 through Entertainment Weekly Awards in ~ Pacific architecture CenterCredit: Getty Images

T.I. Has dozens of film and also television credits and also appeared in the movie American Gangster v Denzel Washington.

He has actually seven kids - four with Harris through one shed at birth.

The others room Messiah Ya'Majesty and Domani with Lashon Dixon and also Deyjah Imani v Ms Niko.

Six that his children regularly show up on the VH1 show about his family called T.I. & Tiny: girlfriend & family members Hustle.

In one episode, Deyjah told she cousins how embarrassed she felt when she dad stated he took her to the gynecologist to inspect her virginity.

His admission around these yearly appointments resulted in widespread outrage.

Did Tiny paper for divorce?

Tiny filed because that divorce from the hip-hop entertainment artist in 2016, according to The associated Press.

Henry ar Court records display Harris filed for divorce after six years of marriage.

She refuse at the moment that castle were splitting up, according to The everyday Mail.


T.I.'s previous friend Sabrina came forward through the early allegationsCredit: Getty images - Getty

What have actually T.I. And Tiny to be accused of?

Sabrina Peterson has accused the pair of sex-related misconduct and claimed T.I. Threatened her with a pistol in 2009 complying with a nasty fight.

After making allegations against T.I and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sabrina claimed an ext than 100 females contacted her with their very own sexual misconduct accusations toward the couple.

She common a couple of of those claims on she account, as few of the alleged victims claimed they'd been drugged, forced into sex, and/or trafficked through the Harrises.

The sun revealed in February 2021 that a group of women through claims versus the pair planned to take trip to new York to fulfill an attorney building a class action against the stars.

A variety of women then come forward v claims versus the coupleCredit: Getty Images

Sabrina told The sunlight she was "overwhelmed” through the an answer she has had because coming forward with the allegations.

She added that she to plan to open up more about she experience, sharing: “I obtained a call today indigenous a documentary team therefore we’re walk to go ahead and let the girls tell their story favor in the R. Kelly show, to get them part therapy, too, for this reason they can procedure their pain.

“At the end of this, it might be right into the numerous girls the come out, ultimately. The bad.”

Back in January 2021, a spokesperson for T.I. And also Tiny profusely denied the claims.

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The rep told Complex: "Mr. And Mrs. Harris want to be on document and an ext importantly want the general public to recognize they emphatically refuse in the strongest means possible the egregiously appalling allegations gift made against them by Sabrina Peterson.


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"The Harrises have actually had an obstacle with this woman for well over a decade. They space taking this matter really seriously."

In may 2021, the Los Angeles Police room allegedly opened up a probe into T.I. And also his mam "over claims of sexual assault and also drugging," The daily Beast reported.